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Conforming To The ADD Stereotype….Or Not

Posted Oct 11 2011 11:41am

I posted here on my blog a while ago and called it Cloudy With A Chance of ADD      and touched base around the thought that we simply can’t force people with ADD to learn, work or exist in a way that some people think they should. We need to work with them, encourage and give them the support they need to learn to manage ADD and become the great people they are capable of being.

I recently read a blog post by Bryan Hutchison at ADDerWorld that reminded me of this. Bryan wrote; “One of the major problems I see is people with ADHD trying so hard to conform to how others think they ‘should’ be or how they should ‘act and behave’, but those who try to conform seem to have lower self-esteem and find life extremely difficult. The blame gets mostly put on ADHD, but what’s not getting enough attention is how well they might do if they knew enough about themselves and what they can do well, and then work on those things, using them to their benefit.”

Think about someone with ADD……..frequently they are not understood until diagnosed. Many are forced to learn in ways that are not right for them, or to follow conservative behaviour habits or careers that are stifling.

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