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Common Injuries with No Signs Afteran Accident – Coachella Valley Attorney

Posted Sep 25 2012 7:33am
Which part of the body is injured most when you’re involved in a car accident? Common injuries from car accidents initially show no signs, therefore it is important to contact a car accident attorney in Coachella Valley before dealing with any insurance companies. Contacting a Personal Injury lawyer in Beaumont to discuss how medical expenses could be reimbursed after an accident would be in your best interest.
Car accidents can cause damage to a wide range of injuries on your body depending to various circumstances and factors of the crash.Factors that contribute to the overall damage a person receives is the severity of the collision, location of the impact, type of automobile driven, and health and age of the individual.   Although anywhere on the body could be affected by the crash, the common areas that receivemost damage are the brain and head, neck and back, and even some psychological. These accidents can cause major damage to your body as well pose threat to your life because they initially show no physical signs. Seeking medical attention immediately will catch these damages early and save your life. These common injuries will leave you thinking that everything is fine but can be fetal if left ignored.
A closed head injury such as a concussion or traumatic brain injury couldshow no physical signs, and cause you to think that there is no reason to go to doctor. The brain can still be at risk due to it being pressed into the skull from the crash, causing bruising and other conditions inside the head. Another category of common damages that result from car accidents are neck and back injuries. These injuries could be whiplashes, neck strains, and even disc injury. The impact of the collision could damage an individual by causing injuries such as sprains, fractures, lumbar, and spine damage. Last, another common car accident injury that has no immediate signs are psychological injuries. These injuries could originate from serve injuries or a loss of life, and cause that individual to later develop into emotional distress or even conditions that resemble post traumatic stress disorder.
Therefore it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention after a collision even if no physical signs of damage appear. You cannot put a price tag on a life, and therefore need to make sure that all precaution exams and care should be taken. You will receive compensation for the expenses either by a cash settlement from the other driver insurance company, and even if the other driver does not have insurance, you could claim coverage through your own insurance with underinsured motorist coverage. Do not sign any forms before speaking to an experienced Car Accident Attorney In Coachella Valleyand let the pressure of an insurance company haveyou thinking that nothing is medically wrong.

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