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Coming up with new material for ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 4:05pm

Coming up with new material for Adult ADD and Money can be challenging at times. When you have written many posts about the same subject it is easy to get into a rut. Thankfully in December I had three guest authors lend their perspective about ADD and Money management.

When reading their articles I came away with three important points that should help anyone improve their finances.

1. Setting up and using systems is an important part of financial success.

The systems do not have to be perfect, but have to be something that you can do on a consistent basis.

2. It is completely normal to worry about finances.

What you need to really worry about is the two extremes. If you avoid opening bills and dealing with your finances then you have a problem. There is also the other extreme of focusing too much about money. While this may not cause financial problems, it can cause you to alienate friends and family.

3. Most financial problems can be fixed.

Lets face it, failure hurts and it hurts really bad. But by learning from your mistakes and asking and accepting help from others you can fix your financial problems.

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