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Clergy of the Church of Mental Health

Posted Dec 05 2010 10:52am

I probably should not have made assumptions about the email that I refered to in  Scientology Translation Email . I should not have assumed that it was my brain that was causing me all the confusion.  What ever the case he didn't seem to get the fact that I don't understand him. He made no effort what so ever to change his wording in his email replies. I have decided not to respond to him again since he and I don't seem to be speaking the same language.

Here are his 3 different email replies he sent me last night:

1. "ADD / ADHD Support Mentor and Coach"
A mentor is supportive, no? What are your qualification? Are you part of the clergy of the church of mental health, or, are you merely an acolyte?

2. Is saying that my own ADHD might be getting in the way some kind of veiled ad hominem comment? Is your mission that of transforming moral values into medical values? After all, you obviously have both feet firmly planted in the reductive take on human conduct, no?

3. "I still aren't sure?" Well, for one,  I am not sure how you can make the comment about ADHD being so poorly understood, yet, if such be the case, is the involuntary poisoning, and other therapies wrought on children, for (mis)behavior, then justified? The latter has nothing to do with medicine; this is psychiatry and state conspiring and complicit in altering the individual so as to alter the social! Are you aware of the operative defintion of the term "disorder", as an open-ended, provisionally defining term? It seems that such a term gives the Utopian, do-gooder, medical-statist types, a lot of wiggle room, no? Moreover, the tactical nature of labeling so many troublesome and troubling acts and utterances as forms of "disorder" also diminishes the responsibility and rationality of those so labeled. And so your mission, as it is with  psychiatry and its allied fields, is about restoring human dignity and removing the stigma of mental illness? Really? I think you are a mental-illness mongerer, and at best, amoral.

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