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Classroom Strategies Series from My Attention Coach: #4 Involve the Student

Posted Feb 13 2012 10:06pm
Self-Advocating Skills
I know that advocating is very familiar to parents of students with ADHD and other challenges around learning. I also encourage teachers, school social workers and school psychologists to help students learn how to advocate for themselves. It can be very helpful for everyone involved if the student with ADHD knows what they need to succeed and what will work for them in their school day. I find in coaching students that they often have the best answers! Chances are you talk to one of your students with ADHD; they are going to come up with strategies that I have not even considered in this series. Teaching students to self-advocate and to be more confident in what they request can help them gain confidence along with empowerment. Both are key to success later in life.

Study Skills
I find that many students with ADHD benefit from reading their notes out loud. My guess is that this helps all students that prefer to learn by hearing. This can help them study and perhaps two students can use the strategy together. Could this be a solution for the two students who talk too much in class? Make it an acceptable form of studying and see if their results improve.

What could be different?
Seth Godin wrote an article a while back that got my attention. He talked about how we teach to fill jobs that may be not as much part of our economy as they were 75 to 90 years ago. My take-away from the article was to wonder how we can re-think things and use more experiential learning. How could you take student interests and apply their interests to math and really get them engaged? How can you tie social studies and science together? I think students with ADHD can learn by doing with some non-traditional approaches.

How could you involve your student in the solution?

Laura Rolands is an ADHD Coach, the founder of My Attention Coach , and host of Practical ADHD Strategies .  She works with students, adults and families to find effective solutions to their ADHD challenges.   
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