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Chim huang crazy performance let opponents gasp in admiration smiled and said that he does not get three double will never end

Posted Feb 25 2013 6:29am
The third quarter, Howard on the offensive end by some limitation, this section not score, and from the game, it is easy to see may be due to the influence of the shoulder injury, Howard attack the basket hold not quite, especially several close hook, wide of the goal. Be worth what carry is, his offensive ability Cheap KD 4 even by the Dallas players make fun of. During a timeout process, ABC radio program director will lens to the Dallas in a row. Just meet with Elton - brand and side of the karman in ac defensive Howard experience, but brand smiled at the karman said: "you see Dwight's hook? Too weak!" But that does not hide Howard on the defensive end where light. The mavericks shooting guard Mayo in a breakthrough in the process of tearing the lakers perimeter defense, straight in the basket. But Howard transverse fight, Mayo a record big hat. Even many times before criticised Mr Howard's Jeff van gundy also as he talked about the good: "the lakers rotation only eight people, they can't just rely on Dwight a man there rebound, the other players should help him!"The key to the fourth quarter, Howard a start on the offensive end played very active, and the lakers Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes would like to put the ball to the basket, he in the face of the karman jussi, Howard two successive attacks are made German foul. In the middle of this section, the score played very ankylosis, Howard won four free throws, the chance to fight he hit three goals, and to help the lakers can tightly fastened on the score. Of course, the game also lets lakers fans see some warm picture in the second half, such as an attack with end, kobe Bryant and Howard strike each other to encourage. And when he was sentenced to a move after, Howard to help too to the refs. Believe that kobe Bryant in your heart clear, if the lakers want to the playoffs, Howard will be a key factor. Even if Cheap Nike Air Penny 5 two people there are some barriers between or contradictory, but in order to the overall situation, they also should join hands to fight on. In the game, Bryant's attack with Howard defense, the lakers have won a big victory.Inadvertently, lebron James and got three double - 16 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. 76 people coach doug Collins be sincerely convinced, he said: "lebron is tall and strong, the strength is very, he can completely random switching assists and score mode." His 76 ers, failed to stop the heat [micro bo] team's winning streak trip, were 90-114. But the game is just the whole in February, the emperor crazy a miniature of the performance, in 76 and before the game, James in the game in midfield averaged 30.2, 7.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists, and shooting is an astonishing 66.3%, before him, not a player in a month to such a high percentage to 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists. Even if James now with this data, can make a person turn a blind eye to, Nike Air Penny 5 but his performance in February, will let the bystander regrets 1, "great"! The emperor humor, "took three double to end" the fourth quarter has played just 52 seconds, James grabbed defensive rebounds, this is his first 10 rebounds, three double hand. And played less than a minute, the heat has leading and points, James end, he never to get back on the court. "I have got three pairs off again," James could not help and media open the joke, "I really get too much nine assists, 9 rebounds." He even quite some "lucky" ground to say: "I want to, this time I have a day time to rebound, I won't let three double miss." He behaved himself like a selfish data brush, but the truth? He only took 16 points, this is his second season low grade, 1 oct, he and a Portland team got only 15 points, the heat lost. And this time, he won, he grabbed 10 rebounds, but also send out 11 assists. "It was a typical victory, selfless is our label," heat coach spor Stella said.76 people before the game, James in the February are cut points edge tool image appears in 10 games, he averaged 30.2 points and get the lowest a also had 24 points. Before the Collins to James praised, he said: "I can't find out a player can guard lebron." But don't take no for an answer Collins, he given according to plan, that is trapped. Even, they double-team let James all feel "someone forced me pass", but this is the center of the emperor heart.
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