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children literally clamor to go to new balance 1300 uk the fields to learn

Posted Dec 01 2012 5:20am
Farmland, farmers are planting, hunched over, his head down, skilled green seedlings plugged into the fields, standing in the distance looking piece of green neat and meticulous. Those of us accustomed to living in a big city, although understand things more than they do, but in many respects, is not as simple farmers. Remember last summer back to his grandmother, curious children literally clamor to go to new balance 1300 uk the fields to learn planting, about to go before they know is not so simple. Looking at the blink of an eye they inserted over a row of seedlings, it even inserted a good seedling are rickety. This planting Yeah, deep not shallow shall not ramp shall not, the crooked shall not, as long as the violation that have not survived. The visible, farmers are planting the ability really can not be underestimated!

Evening, we returned to the village and had dinner, chatted under the trees, the cool breeze hit during the day, that kind of heat wave finally real retreat. We talk day late, the lights of the village, every family had long been extinct, far from city lights illuminate half a day, but here the same day or the dark blue, bits and pieces, exceptionally quiet. From time to time, came several dog barks, was a quiet night.Just new balance uk exposed gray dawn the day side, the village has not many people sleep soundly is a quiet morning, the farmers go to the fields, to the markets ... The Sun Also Rises, is a new day, steaming hot day . The summer city makes me feel irritability, and sometimes even feel the suffocation, summer in the countryside, so I feel fresh and beautiful, although less than the height of summer on hot to not summer, I would not think I have any discomfort. Silence This is like walking in the dark silence, daily repeated.
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