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Cheesy Fish Crackers & ADD Nutrition

Posted Aug 25 2011 10:23am

OK, nothing against the makers of the beloved kids snacks that look like fish and are loaded with cheese flavor. On my recent vacation we had a big gang of family and friends sitting around a lakeside fire one night. It brought back memories of my youth. The conversation of food and nutrition even came up….with the adults though, certainly no kids were having that conversation around the fire!

The kids were snacking on little bite sized cheese flavored fish shaped snacks they all love! I even nibble on one or two on occasion. The kids tossed a few into the fire as we were memorized by the flames and glow of the embers. After a moment, the snacks began to turn black, dark charcoal black. Then, they would burst into flames. Once the flame went out, the snack would still have its fish shape and became a fish shaped glowing ember for a few minutes. We continued to toss in these snacks with the same results. After that, we crushed the snacks and tossed them into the fire and they would pop and spark as they hit the embers. Ironically, our conversation about healthy food and how it impacts our brains and thought process had tuned into a food experiment by accident. It kind of got us thinking, if we could get these kids snacks to do this in the fire…..what the heck was really in them and how healthy could they be? What exactly were we putting into our bodies by eating this? The wheels in my head were turning at full speed, I was thinking about all the posts I have created here on the topics of food and nutrition and how much this impacts our brains, especially people with ADD. Just some food for thought and a reminder about eating healthy brain food……….so we roasted marshmallows instead!

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