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Century off just kicked the ensuing nike blazer high historical events of the epoch

Posted Jan 22 2013 7:07am
Extend festive greetings to the Communist Youth League cadres and youth workers! Today, we gather with full enthusiasm to celebrate the 86 anniversary of the Chinese Communist Youth League, we ushered in the event with a high degree of political enthusiasm in this, I would like on behalf of the Communist Youth League XX Middle School Youth League Ministry came to participate in this The leaders of the conference, said the warm welcome and caused the highest respect. Hard work and sweat of enthusiastic leaders at all levels to support the activities of the General Assembly to pay teachers and comrades to express my cheap supra footwear heartfelt gratitude to express my warm congratulations to the 32 young friends and new joined the Communist Youth League organizations.Friends! I wonder if you ever think, why do we always have to praise May brilliant?

Singing May the glory? Why on May, poetry, song so much? May flowers, especially fragrant the May sun exceptionally bright. That is because the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, now, I really realized that: so fondly praise and singing May singing our results compliment our young generation to create happiness and divine.With desire, with a hope; with passion, with reverence, let us back 90 years ago today, the 21st century is a century of great. Century off just kicked the ensuing nike blazer high historical events of the epoch. Revolution in 1911, the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, is the background of the May Fourth Movement of 1919. The May Fourth Movement and gather together not only the modern Chinese thought reform FY brewing a greater span of historical change, is a milestone in the history of the democratic revolution.The May 4th Movement was a great patriotic movement, is a great ideological emancipation movement.
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