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career-high 39 points,

Posted Dec 31 2012 4:06am
today had to 7 points, tai - Lawson seven points 1 to 3 points. The substitute Corey brewer and javier - magee each had 12 points. The Denver nuggets can be used, but in the NBA defensive first grizzlies, before they can "fly" don't get up. Grizzly bear a quick start, cheap air max 95 defending, and in this rhythm, the advantage of the Denver nuggets can play. Even so, the Denver nuggets in the first half with only 36 - and backward, and after three quarters, the Denver nuggets and even to 57 - and beyond. Grizzlies substitute did even better, the fourth quarter played less than 3 minutes, they three dimensional dunk inroads to a wave of 11-5 began to this day, at one stroke to a 64-62 win. Both sides tied at 68-68, the guy three consecutive successful, in 74 seconds scored 6 points, grizzly bear hit 10-0 attack wave, and the game 1 minute 25 seconds 78-68 open gap. Guy in this wave of attack and eight points, grizzly bear on the control of the situation. air max 95 360 A 77-87 bulls bull (16-12) end with one. Carlos boozer had 15 points and 12 rebounds, and rolle's - deng 11 points, cork - kirk hinrich 10 points, seven assists and six rebounds. Richard - Hamilton in 12 games back out after the first, a field, had nine points. Substitute's Marco berry - the highest in 17 points. The wizards (4-24) in the past 10 games lost nine games. The team score in double five people. TanHua show Bradley - bill had 14 points, emeka - emeka okafor 11 points and rebounds, mattel would - Webster and nene hilario air max 95 2012 each had 10 points. Kevin - sierra Finn 12 points and 6 rebounds. Leading scorer Jordan crawford injury.The wizards yesterday is not easy to get a win, today in the face of the bulls also played very stubborn, but the last minute thine hands be slack. After the start of the third quarter, the bulls played 11-4 attack wave, too, with 56-43 open gap, but the wizards in a wave of 15-4, will gap. The game still has five points and 19 seconds, emeka okafor tip-in inroads, wizards with only 76-79 behind. Berry in a record in the three points, the bulls steady condition. The last 5 minutes wizards had failed to shooting again, only nene penalty scored four points, the last 47 seconds they didn't get a point, the bulls percentage is not high also, but with a wave of eight - 1 end game. Two teams percentage is not high, the bull is 39%, the wizards only 37%, after three wizards have a total of 51 points. (according to the CsnChicago "report, the bulls star point guard Derek Ross has begun to participate in team training, may in the all star the later zhou dynasty last. Ross has return from his left knee after anterior cruciate ligament tear recover gradually, air max 95 black but in the short term should be no part in the game. Ross has may be in one of the bulls in January in the away game with the team to, before this he will go to southern California rehabilitation, and let the doctor for further check.The bulls will ensure that rose in body and spirit, are fully prepared back again after. Ross has can normal shooting, occasionally Slam Dunk or sprint, he in the away game familiar with team tactics is also part of the recovery. Rose is in the playoffs last year and 76 people in the game, because his left knee after anterior cruciate ligament tear and declared season to submit an expense account, a bull in the series is 76 people out. This season the absence of Ross, bulls 16-12 negative temporary row eastern fifth. In the second half of the season if Ross can find state, the bulls will still return to the east of the column top teams.
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