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can you give me a title of movie for ADHD

Posted by onin

can you give me a title of movie for ADHD
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Onin -

Hi. Are you looking for the title of a movie that deals with ADHD?  Or are you creating a movie and need a title?

Rory Stern, PsyD

There was a movie on the other night called "Head of the Class."  While the story was about a boy with Tourette Syndrome, it's an excellent story for ADHD too! 

In the movie, you see Brad having many of the same problems in school, with parents, concentrating, etc., that a child with ADHD would have.  It also teaches the important lesson of perseverence, which helps in overcoming these "problems."

are you looking for a movie that talks about how to treat and deal with adhd? or a movie where adhd is a subject like "thumbsucker" ? 

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