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can nlp help treat adhd?

Posted by pamelah

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That's an interesting question!

I've studied some nlp and used it successfully in certain circumstances to communicate more effectively.  In that sense, it's certainly helped.

My problem is paying attention long enough to a) practice, and b) remember to use what I've learned.  Whoops.

I certainly believe it can help with communication, however as a "treatment," not really.  It may help you with confidence, for example, but it's not going to completely change the way your brain is wired, or erase your symptoms.

Thanks for bringing up the question!  This is something I'm going to research further.

You bet NLP can help ADHD. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, "NLP Lite," definitely can improve ADHD, so NLP will do so, as well. CBT focuses on auditory whereas NLP will utilize all of your senses.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a generic term, though. This means anyone can certify themselves an NLP Practitioner. This means that really great Practitioners that will be tenacious in solving your problems with you are few and far between.

I highly recommend that you do it on your own from scratch, get a hold of a copy of "An Insider's Guide To Submodalities," "Frogs Into Princes," and some of the most recent books and programs by Richard Bandler. It will take some investment of time, but you can piece together an effective program for yourself.

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