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but when the results really reebok zigtech sale out of time always too difficult

Posted Nov 27 2012 6:59am
Lot of rain in a few days ago has been stopped. Today at 6:00 a little more time to wake up. Hazy opened the curtains to see faintly through the air sprinkle over the sun. Seems to be a very warm way, home or point slightly cold. Perhaps the warmth of the sun comes out just some semblance of it, but I would like some illusion or good. Remember the phrase "you are happy, you can not rely on these happy for too long, because these will always be a thing of the past had seen in a magazine." So I again and again with this statement to alert, not lust what. Although the outcome of some things is elusive, but when the results really reebok zigtech sale out of time, always too difficult to accept or to predict. But these are nothing but temporary it. These will be like the blink of happiness, suddenly thrust on the past. Pain or what should have nothing of it, because you have to live in this world will never have more than alive people feel tough thing. So, all the pain when you find yourself still alive, are beginning to slim.

Code under these words, the window is darkness. Standing on the balcony far to see street lights standing on the roadside. I opened the curtains standing at the window holding the full cup. Suddenly had a very strong desire to speak, and take a look around but found no one to talk. So those who want to say, the moment is dark reebok easytone trainers uk persecution choking back of the throat. Certainly no one will understand, this is exactly how to feel and scene. I habitually touch their own nose, then ruffled also slightly damp hair freshly washed, holding the full cup to pour a cup of water to the living room, and walked back to the front of the computer. My heart is still slowly rising up the water molecules called lonely or sad. I have a beautiful and enchanting posture, while the last may die from dormant potential long loneliness.
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