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But I would not leave such nike free run sale a happy

Posted Oct 06 2012 7:26am
Then, I felt something in the rural town, think this is how honest!I am also under the field, to pull weeds, walking in the muddy water, smell the fragrance of the seedlings, and really sort of the natural ecology, feeling Kehao. I pull weeds when the foot jordan shoes outlet stepped on something soft, good creamy ah! I thought it was a snake, scared my body are planted in the muddy water. Who knows Lee by brother arrested is a good first-class large eel fat, thick head, long body exceedingly catches the eye! I am very glad but sad, because I became a living mud chicken.Night, that big eel to cooking, taste good, silky and tender, like delicacies. I feel for the first time to eat such a large eel really have a sense of accomplishment.

In that time, I have been completely adapted to rural life, and I do not know how happy it. And rural children every day playing together, what a tree, ah, play slingshot ah, ran full field projects are every day to play. I also learned games to to play Jiugongge, grasping stones a class. I clearly remember every day Shimoda personally caught nike shox trainers an eel, although small, but it is also my own hands. Speaking of that small eel most cunning, so hard to hold it, it slipped away from my hands. Later, I grabbed its tail to turn it a couple of minutes, the results it is motionless, and I think it has the halo off.This day is really like paradise! Without the hustle and bustle of the city, only the ox, the sheep are called, the kids and I play happy, feel Haoxingfua!

My mother and I from July 5th to the 25th, a full play in rural twenty days. 20 days full of joy, and my memories. I am not only happy to play, but also exercise the body, learn to find a happy life in rural areas did not have to use a pair of eyes.To take the day, I have very fond memories of the village Road goodbye. But I would not leave such nike free run sale   a happy life and sad, because long before parting, I and my partners have done a convention, this time next year I will come.I stay in Zhao grandfather yard do not know what to do, computers, game consoles did not bring. Now they are out, the mother also and the the village lady were talking about daily. But I am not interested in talking about daily.
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