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Business and life coach thinks many adults with ADHD are perfectly suited to be entrepreneurs

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:04pm

Business and life coach Linda Walker thinks that “…many ADHDers are perfectly suited for entrepreneurship.”    She feels that we “…tend to be “Big Picture” thinkers who are great visionaries, very important qualities in leadership.” Linda details her statements in her blog post entitled ADHD Adults Shouldn’t Be Entrepreneurs?

I agree with Linda.  In most of the positions I’ve held in my life I have quickly become both the “Idea Guy” and the “Problem Solver” for the company I was working for.  Having ADHD allowed me to think up concepts with great enthusiasm, to get caught up in the moment and simply explore the flow of a project.  This is a valuable commodity in an IT firm, especially one who works with predominantly creative people.

In the position of problem solver having ADHD helped as well.  The challenge of each new problem was something that I craved.  Day-to-day routine is a killer for me.  having the ability to focus 100% of my attention on just one thing, knowing that someone was depending on my skills to solve the bottleneck and get the project back on schedule was both incredibly satisfying and mentally challenging.  ADHD allowed me to hypofocus, which meant the issue got solved more quickly than it would have by someone who was easily distracted.

It’s nice to see that there is someone out there who sees the positive side of a condition that most feel is debilitating.  for my money those people can go back to their 9 to 5’s.  I’ll happily keep working my own side of the road, doing things my way and reaping the benefits.

All in 4 hours a day ;)

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