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Brushing method of canvas shoes

Posted Oct 31 2012 12:50am
Tools / materials:
A phase-out of the toothbrush canvas shoes Soap or detergent
A little toothpaste
An unused dry towel

Steps / methods:
Do not directly wash shoes by water~ shoes canvas The front part and the sole can be brushed by waste toothbrush
Take a dry towel with the index finger soaking a little of water, then stick some toothpaste gently to brush shoe heel parts, uppers and head of shoes.

Heelpiece should be brushed especially carefully, not too hard.
Finally, useing wet towel grazes the place clean once.
Beautiful after being brushed  ~
Part of the canvas, with the elimination of the toothbrush dipped some soap or detergent gently scrub the uppers. It is easy to put the dirt cleared away,
If you encounter dirty just brush a few times, and then toothbrush sticks water to wash away soap. It will be ok.

Try not to make the whole shoe bubble into the water ˙ ˙ ˙
Congratulations, if you soak the shoes, and wash it clean.
The life of your shoes also shortens.
The reasnon is that shoes unglued off the glue will become ugly Oh! ! ! And easily broken Oh! ! !

Shoelace part
Cleaning with soap or detergent directly.
Put them at the shadow place to dry after cleaning.
And then tell you a little secret.
Shoes after a good brush, being wraped tightly Oh!
Note 1. Absolutely can not get shoes under the sun, which would allow the the canvas shoes glial part yellowing and glue part will become weak and cause short-lived
2. Forbidden to use the hair dryer blowing, drying machine drying, you can not put the heater next to bake yo!
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