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boil the milk into the daily morning fasting

Posted Mar 07 2013 12:59am
uld choose fewer side effects, does    air jordan x retro for sale   not contain hormones, skin irritation, hurt small way, in addition to the internal causes of skin diseases to be diagnosed, but also the onset of the season, the patient's course of medical history, physical strength, the incidence of symptoms linked . We should be linked with the spring season features like the treatment of skin diseases, because the spring sand big, sudden changes in hot and cold, dust, bacteria, insects, mites, pollen and more easily lead to dry skin skin allergies, make skin disease recurrence or aggravation . For easy patients with allergies, the first task is to stay away from allergens, and here to give everyone recommended several beauty dietary side, heat disinfection, spleen Ning heart help alleviate spring multiple symptoms of skin problems. Houttuynia detoxify, jujube Yangxue, slowly to improve the quality of the red blood cells, thereby improving allergies, tone the skin. Houttuynia 75 g (dry goods), jujube 15, 3000 ml of water. Jujube size, and also to adjust the dosage combined with personal physical, such as physical fitness is a bit hot, red dates add some less. Houttuynia and jujube washed casserole boil, turn a small fire and continue to cook for 20 minutes, when Chahe can  air jordan 9 basketball shoes sale     a day. The pork is rich in vitamin A, with nourishing yin food role Ze Feng muscle skin, dry and windy weather. Traditional medicine that pork can nourish organs, smooth skin, Buzhongyiqi. Professor, University of the Ryukyus in Japan through the survey found, pork tone cooked should, it can also become a "longevity medicine. Eat pork moistening the best way of cooking ribs soup boil, to join possible solutions to the oil tired of radish or kelp, can reduce cholesterol intake. The Poria milk can spleen Ning heart, anti-aging, against spring skin pigmentation, acne and other good results, to help ease the spring appear irritable mood. Specific approach: prepare Poria powder 10 grams, 200 milliliters of milk, sugar amount. Poria powder with cold water to open, and then boil the milk into the daily morning fasting food. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which can    air jordan 8 for sale   be converted into vitamin A in the small intestine. The protective effect of vitamin A on the epidermis of the skin and make the skin soft, shiny, elastic, it is also known as the "beauty vitamin. Lack of vitamin A in the diet can cause dry skin, skin metabolic disorders, aging and easy relaxation. Cooking carrots are two considerations: 1. Chopped, cooked, in order to make the nutrients in carrots fully released. 2.β carotene is a fat-soluble nutrients, so it should be with Fry carrots, or with food and other oily fatty foods.
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