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blocks of high-rise buildings new balance 1300 uk standing on both sides of the road

Posted Nov 28 2012 3:38am
Now, I finally Qiaoxia computer so much - addressed to my dearest father. It is ashamed of, if not the scourge, I also do not know "forgotten" how long. Is it only the pain in order to arouse the love and the pain of a daughter it? How ironic! The tears began raging, blurred under the canopy of the round moon. I suddenly realize that the father of the whole world, not all touch of moonlight Why? The habit is terrible. It obliterated our emotions, teach us shamelessly forgotten. Skyscrapers, busy is the portrayal of the city. Blocks and blocks of high-rise buildings new balance 1300 uk standing on both sides of the road, on both sides of the slim, asphalt, stands verdant trees, the spacious roads over hobble around overpass, winds circling the car shuttle them.

Malaysia on the road, the red light, the city can be a moment of silence, a bright green light, and immediately broke the previous silence, and busy city march, continue played. When the dead of night, without the hustle and bustle of the day, the city from time to time will recall the previous recall clothed gorgeous original face before ...The city a few years ago, a poor and backward small border village. Where the brick house next to a one in front of the house is the large tracts of rice new balance uk paddies, rice in the wind.Early in the morning, the sun does not rise, thin as onion skin fog draped the sky, dotted with several Shuxing gloom. A group of early birds on the branches, singing the melody of the song. Several families of the chimney above the smoke curl together fog lingering in midair.
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