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Best Thanksgiving Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted Nov 17 2012 8:49am

Considering Thanksgiving is on the way and we certainly will watch a great movie with family in Thanksgiving, I’m here to list you a few choices.

Comedies: Home Alone and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Home Alone

I bet everyone knows and watched Home Alone series. Even it was filmed in 1990, the time many of us haven’t been born yet, even the actor who played Kevin has turned to someone no one can recognize, but the movie series is always the most classic. You can  get the deleted movies back to mac  if you lose the collector’s edition of this series. Home Alone is not exactly about Thanksgiving, but it was and is the best movie for holiday. As a comedy, it doesn’t have the warm scenes like other Christmas movies, but it makes everyone laugh, even some people have watched it for ten times or more. It’s an interesting movie and can be a very good choice for Thanksgiving.

Home Alone and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

This movie is filmed in 1987. Yes, a very early movie and I even don’t know why people don’t recommend the movies which are filmed in recent years. Steve Martin and John Candy play two fellas who try to get home for Thanksgiving dinner. Steve Martin is an advertising manager who works in New York, and he plans to drive to home to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, so bus and train become his alternatives. He meets the enthusiastic sales man played by John Candy, and that’s when everything funny begins. If you have this movie but lose it by accident, here is  tip of recovering videos from ipad/iphone/ipod  for you.

Animation: Garfield: Holiday Celebrations

Garfield loves pasta and turkey. In this special edition of Garfield, we will see Garfield readies a fancy dinner for Liz. Actually, almost all the classic animations always have special editions for all kinds of holidays. So if you have the most favorite animation and it happens to have Thanksgiving edition, then you can choose it to enjoy with your family.

Drams film: Pay It Forward.

I recommend this movie because it’s about love. People nowadays somehow don’t know to be thankful. They are numb, indifferent and selfish. Nothing is perfect in this world, everything sucks and everything is disappointing. So find a way, do something to change it. No one does anything but the boy Trevor. Pay It Forward is based on a true story. The history teacher gives a special homework to his students: To make the world better. Trevor decides to begin from himself, so he figures out a way to help people and let people to help other people. Under the appeal of Trevor, people begin to open their hearts and help others like Trevor does. In the end, when people all feel the world become better, Trevor falls in the blood and leaves the world forever.

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