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Best of Shopping Tips

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:45am

Here are the best of my shopping tips for adults with ADHD:

Before you go out shopping write down everything that you want on a list. (Stick to the list) It will help to limit impulse buys. I was tired today and forgot to write down a list and I purchased cookies that I did not need to buy. Almost all stores are set up to take advantage on shoppers who are impulse buyers(One of the main traits of adults with ADD ). I think setting up a list is more important when you are planning on going shopping at large department or warehouse stores, there are many times that my wife and I have gone to the store with the intent of only purchasing a few items, but left with a cart full of items that we did not need. (We seemed to always forget one of the items that we went there for in the first place)

Shopping_list_1 I find it helpful when going to my favorite grocery store to write out my list exactly like the store is set up. I think it can be very helpful to better visualize your shopping list (click on my list on the left)

Here are two other tips I think are useful when shopping

1. Try to avoid the malls and the gigantic superstores.

Malls and superstores can be over stimulating for an ADD adult. Everything in a mall of superstore is designed to be more distracting; there are more people shopping, the music is loud, there are more choices, and more displays. It is easy to make poor impulsive choices or to get discouraged and not buy anything at all. A lot of adults with ADD like to go to smaller stores that they are familiar with in order to reduce the stimulation, I find that in the smaller stores there are more unique choices to help you better fit your needs.

2.  Divide you shopping into smaller trips.

Don' t try to buy everything you need into one trip or one day. By making shopping trips smaller it will allow you to focus more on what your buying and what your actually need or more importantly what you don' t need.

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