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Benefits of Using VAG HEX CAN USB Interface

Posted Dec 27 2013 7:51am

VAG COM 11.11.3  is a well known USB interface cable that that give you amazing support for diagnosis of various control and modules of your car under UDS, ODX and SM protocol. With the help of this cable you can connect your laptop or pc and you can use this diagnostic tool to find the problems of your bigger car like Skoda, Audi, Volkswagen and other bigger cars and you can use it for other smaller cars as well.That means it is a best solution for almost every car owner for problem resolution.


If we talk about VAG COM 11.11.3 advantages it has so many advantages including support to most of the addresses for new cars that can range from year 1991 to year 2011. Due to this amazing support of so many cars not only do it yourself car repairer, but many expert technicians and garages also use VAG HEX CAN USB Interface for diagnosis of these problems and they use it to resolve the problems. The greatest thing about this particular diagnosis cable and tool is that it has more than 14,000 fault codes that can help you to diagnose almost every possible problem and can give you its solution as well.


Other than this  VAG HEX CAN USB Interface  software has updated label file as well that not only provide you much better and improved documentation for all the new models and existing models, but it also offer you much more than many other similar tool. Other than this you can also easily get support from their support team and internet for its support, so if you are stuck at some place you can get the help for it and you will be able to resolve the problem by yourself without any problem.


Talking about the major functionality of   VCDS 11.11.3  it can help you to service your indicator, it can read all the fault code and can tell you the fault code for resolution of problem. Additionally, it can also read the problem of central locking, gearbox, airbag, engine, hand break, throttle and many other functions that you might need for resolution of your car problem. Since this tool work easily with latest operating system of windows so you can easily connect with your laptop regardless of your windows operating system type of version. Whether you run a 32 bit OS or 64 bit, it will work with that and its software is compatible with windows XP, Vista and 7 as well.

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