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belstaff leather,belstaff leather

Posted Oct 21 2011 12:58am
gloss, flexibility, compact hh showing signs of aging. just as they determine they are no longer young, the lack of sexy yet? physiological age is an escape the cruel fact, but even more desperate, those in body long dark submerged Zi various toxins, it is their secret mischief, obviously there to make themselves younger than their peers at least five of the beautiful way, so obviously there is not a man moved to open the line of sight of the graceful posture to develop a technique sexy hh but we often because the can be very charming, on this basis, we can at least maintain its length, not much, even for five years. Do not plug into the body of really make you look younger is not only smooth the skin, there was a slight rise in the mouth, really make you look sexy is not just a pair of watery eyes, but that the inside is full of cozy warmth hh
discard unnecessary burden to the space for good things. balance the emotions, good eating habits, coupled with pleasant aroma hh When the soul and body are light and clean, you still far away from the young and sexy it? sexy young password, in fact, help us to locate the soul self-confidence!
one, you've never heard of the detoxification method
There are many detoxification method is familiar, but you dare to try , or no start, some simply you unheard of in the end, what brought these detoxification methods to benefit the body, but also how easy practice?
detoxification detox secret tears: tears of emotion There catecholamines, effective release of emotional stress.
detoxification index :****< br> Minnesota United States biochemist Fred has done an interesting experiment, a group of volunteers to look at the emotional and moving film , if it is moved to tears, the tears will drip into the tube a few days later, re-use way to cut onions with a group of people shed tears, and collected into a test tube results showed that, due to grief and the flow of lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, severe, or even lead to heart attack, so when we came to , but not everyone can get back the instinct to cry. Huai Qi said counselors, psychology, there is a If our side can not American psychology, Dr. Ruth is recommended to find a secret room, comfortably seated, hand on the chest above the clavicle; breathing place where only hand; rapid breathing to suck out loud, cry like a baby issue sound, listen carefully to one of sadness; recall sad memories, allow themselves to reveal weak; many continue to practice, such as temples aching, pressure is the excessive accumulation and cry when needed.
2 brain detoxification
detoxification mystery: The inner imagination, let yourself relax.
detoxification index :*****< br> brain detoxification, detoxification rather more like a meditation, which is an advantage inherent to imagine way, by imagining heart beat more slowly, breathe more stable, more relaxed muscles, eliminate toxins, to overcome physical and mental stress.
people in a state of calm alertness, brain waves are changed, the left and right brain can disappear imbalance between you can select a focus of the articles can, candle can, but also has spiritual significance of the words or objects, or a color. and some beads and other staff to calm the nerves play touch points of attention . can also be used within the imagination, through imagination heart beat more slowly, breathe more stable, more relaxed muscles, eliminate toxins, to overcome physical and mental stress.
or, in the thinking, irritability, feeling very confused, call your name, and to another friend's identity as calling you ; I look in the mirror will feel, sense the feeling is that Zen can not be said, is this sense of feeling, you can appreciate, some mystery, but unable to speak; also in a very anxious time for myself that I am now in a daze for a while, Then separate the two lips, jaw relaxation, in a daze for a while; or do shoe repair, such as hand embroidery alive, the time when the focus on hand-mouth hum a tune hh mind no thought at this time, a pleasurable state. < br> 3 sesame oil detox detoxification
mystery: the body of toxins and fat absorption of bacteria.
detoxification index :****< br> sesame oil, also known as small condiment, but you know, every morning fasting with a sesame oil, over time can help you discharge a lot of toxins in the body. the invention of this method, Ukraine Dr. Karach. specific method, brush your teeth every morning at before, the one tablespoon of sesame oil (sesame oil) contained in the mouth, do not swallow, and oil in the mouth back and forth rolling fifteen to twenty minutes and this action will help clean the blood circulation, drain toxins and bacteria, twenty minutes later, when the oil into the mouth white, belstaff leather,belstaff leather, the oil can spit, gargle with water first, then brush your teeth, such as the microscope, you will find that the oil is full of a lot of spit to bacteria, viruses, toxins and chemical substances .
4 hypnotic detoxification detoxification
mystery: the lymphatic artery beating acceleration, and expel body toxins.
detoxification index :****< br> When toxins remain in the body, will be re-absorbed by the body, into the blood, damage to blood vessels, causing blood to run disorders, the course of time can lead to old age diseases, and to the body weight gain, skin lost its luster. At present, the waves swept Europe and America hypnotic skin detoxification method can fundamentally improve this situation.
in prime time to fall asleep, you can help the body detox, many people have a consensus based on this principle, psychologists found that hypnosis can also help to effectively discharge the body of harmful substances, thereby enhancing the body's immune system because, when people feel the waves in the skin hypnotic detoxification method, there will be an energy in the body to run, beating the lymphatic artery acceleration, relieve stress and tension play a role in just a few minutes to sleep to better nutrition and better absorption of products to increase blood circulation and expel toxins.
detoxification detoxification mystery fragrance: fragrance to stimulate memory and enhance association.
detoxification Index: * **
through a variety of scents smell, feel, sense knowledge, enlightenment vision, perception of these pathways into the body, organs, cells can give the energy required to allow cells to produce energy, thereby smoothly and functions of various substances into operation, to improve the health to keep beautiful.
aromatic and psychologists believe that fragrance can not only purify the air, people feel good, but also to stimulate memory and enhance association and, thus, ; thin detoxification People will naturally come into mind like a delicate and exquisite light and slim models. If you want to distribute a feminine, highlighting the exquisite body, you can choose perfume orange tone, this fragrance can give rise to the impression of fullness and slim moderate , emitting a thick sexy charm for fragrance users, will produce such a self-suggestion. Over time, your positive, optimistic but also the formation of a magnetic field that affects the people around you.
6 detoxification detoxification
violent mystery: Sports sweating, weight loss detox.
detoxification index :****< br> In a growing number of women obsessed with fitness at the same time, the researchers also found , punches, kicks, fists, shouting hh they are not competition, but in detoxification diet when boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves mixed together, in the intense music, and some boxing The basic boxing and kickboxing leg exercises, many people find their own body and mind have become light and agile of this is because, in punching, kicking in the process, with the music waving fists, vigorous and effective action, so vent fitness can enjoy, enjoy sweating, and unknowingly lose excess body fat, and forget the lives that large and small troubles. detox slimming effect, but extraordinary!
Second, the sexy woman
detoxification program detoxification by age there are many ways, some people only drink water, drink some lemon juice, some people rely on movement for the hh is the best, as long as you recall the recent heart once you feel vibrant, full of charming attractive appearance when, OK, then you found the password, of course, the answer or if not feasible, and that article takes a special visit to the four women with extensive experience detoxification and see what they have exclusive detoxification method, you may draw reference!
essential oils, detoxification and beauty
Li Jing, China well-known host
for a woman, the biggest enemy is is the soul of toxins of modern society, it is a woman tired. workplace like a battlefield, fall behind, so that women are properly man. family position, prevent sticking, and guard against back are nowhere to retreat. cause, which the family head can not lightly, heavy pressure. Then Hou, Aging and diseases will be very easy to climb up the body, physically and psychologically will be abnormal. to the point where, even $ 5000 a day with a bottle of face cream is also difficult cover feelings of stagnation in the face, leaving muddy, eat abalone, shark's fin is also difficult to stop diseases. work, family pressure can not resolve, mental and physical exhaustion, in turn, will affect the career and life, form a vicious cycle of stress So the pressure of this toxin is causing the deterioration of a woman happiness index culprit.
Recently I most want to try yoga detoxification detoxification method, and the most effective detoxification method, I think it is diet detoxification, hydrotherapy detoxification, exercise detoxification, detox massage, travel detoxification. often are tired after I recorded programs, they tend to sneak in a foot to foot to do away Guaner I think a woman's feet can get cold in winter, often because programs need to wear summer clothes, so the foot is necessary twice a week, usually when I point vaporizer, before putting the nourishing, soothing mask. both for the detoxification of the body, and soothe the soul, the whole body to fall asleep easily.
leave, I will go to Sanya, China, Japan, South Korea to experience a different spa. to do with the volcanic membrane, it is detoxification. Recently, I often do rock bath. is in a slate containing minerals lying so that they are sweating. Do not take a bath, because Khan is the beauty of sweat, no taste. done, good skin death. This stone spa in Japan many, very small, but not many Chinese, but also relatively large. discharge of sweat is the best detoxification, there is time again to be a massage oil, super enjoy.
I especially like the baths, steam baths can be used to close the pores, the skin a lot of sweat, the absolute is a good detoxification method. and I will add the key essential oils, such as a detoxification function of juniper essential oils, soothing balancing effect of lavender essential oil, nourishing rose oil to enhance the well-being, coupled with the effect of water treatment, energy improve human health, both physical and mental nature to make smooth, have a physiological and psychological extremely helpful. skin and body detoxification step, in particular, worry!
very simple to implement, after bathing in the bathtub Add 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops of juniper fruit, rose 2 drops, of course, you can then add bath salts, milk, bubble bath for 15 minutes. As there are many types of essential oils, each oil has its own excellent effect, you can choose your own like, need oil, once you have the total number of drops of oil each time you use no more than 8 drops essential oil bath every 3,4 days, the principle can usually while I will be putting nutrition mask or Hot Oil hair care and nutrition , to be a full body skin conditioning. bath fragrance and smooth skin after, but also to help sleep for a friend without bath facilities, added to the bath solution or can be added to the base oil or lotion to use.
Because my work, I basically do not have time to care and health museum, so the HOME SPA is undoubtedly the best choice, but you can rest well there will be time to do HOME SPA, in particular, rest days, and enjoy at home time! JAZZ or listening to R & B, turn reading a novel, beautiful to enjoy! I will carry with them some of the beauty tea, such as fragrance and beauty of roses tea blood, Pinggan eyesight, detoxification chrysanthemum tea, enhance memory, refreshing rosemary tea, etc. often drink herbal tea is not only detoxification but also cream, beauty, eyes, endocrine and other effects. drinking, You can add a little honey, warm water can.
has entered the fall, in this season, windy and dry climate variability, prone to dry mouth, wrinkles, hair loss, thirst, constipation, mood disorders such as a Series essential oils; clean lungs of eucalyptus, pheasant pepper oil; smooth detoxification of Marjoram, Juniper berries, sweet fennel essential oils, are a great choice.
I like rose oil, rose essential oil in addition to the well-known skin, the physiological function other than maintenance, I think a more beautiful thing is that she can help us re-experience in life, life, all good things and love unlimited tolerance, she can stimulate female self-identity and self-confidence, but also pushed the sexiest women in the emotion when a woman her body gives off a warm, self-confident shining light is not any make-up are simulated to create, nor is it covered a few spots or fine lines that can affect the of which Egypt is also so fond of rose oil Cleopatra reason! I think Rose essential oil is really necessary for every woman a a few drops can play a significant effect, so in addition to expansion of incense, aromatherapy, if applied to the skin, must be diluted with oh ~
Finally, if you say I have any type of private Tips detoxification method, it is to eat bitter melon, green beans, carrots, seaweed, mushrooms, whole grains, honey and other foods which have a role in detoxification, maintaining good sleep quality, mood! on a regular basis to do some massage or aromatherapy bath oils can help the body detox In addition you can drink every night a small cup of red wine, can promote blood circulation, play a role in Oxygen.
Tips: 10 big detox food
* Honey: contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, can play a laxative, the role of detoxification beauty.
* seaweed: In addition to rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, but also rich in fiber and minerals, can help to drain away the body of waste.
* Red bell peppers: green bell pepper and more than 20 per cent contained 15 times the vitamin C and carotene, but also sodium and potassium, can promote the transmission of nerve messages and help urination.
* Bananas: with oligosaccharides, can increase the number of intestinal bacteria. and rich in pectin, helps detoxification laxative.
* Mushroom categories: rich polysaccharides, and help enhance the immune system, can improve the overall function, strengthen the liver and kidney, promote detoxification function.
* Garlic: The sulfur material which may stick to the body of mercury, transported to the liver for detoxification via the blood and excreted.
* Apple: 1 Apple with skin included 3 grams of fiber, soluble fiber pectin which helps drain excess intestinal fat, cholesterol and hormone.
* beans: In addition to protein and rich in vitamin E, each 100 grams, 5.2 to 7.3 grams of fiber.
* cereal: every 35 grams (about half a cup) will contain 3.4 grams of fiber, soluble fiber among the non-large intestinal muscles to stimulate peristalsis.
* Brown Rice: rice containing more than 3 times the non-soluble fiber, can speed up the discharge of body waste, reduce cancer-causing substances to stimulate the rectum.
detoxification, is a long-term clean
Yi Fang, fashion, beauty columnist Journal
continuous contact on the skin in 6,7,8 year maximum temperature and ultraviolet erosion, into September and October the autumn, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, rough dry, sensitive and other issues also 11 emerge. In addition, both enjoy a long summer break, or get through the summer heat, summer and cold snacks in the journey, a high accumulation in the body parts of sweet and salt, edema, fat, stool problem to people look drying and other issues these to their own heart, skin all aspects of the smooth, to avoid the and canned fruit juice, do not drink, do not touch the spicy, not like starchy foods, only protection, not only to maintain gastrointestinal smooth, also helps the body's moisture. I believe that There is a very effective method can be recommended. in general, lack of sleep the night before, it will add a lot of hot lemon water to drink, very refreshing feel and improve antioxidant status of skin color, skin color is not easy to turn dark, face more bright and look.
my skin detoxification purposes is burden on the skin and horns of the toxins the body.
first complete makeup, but this does not mean stripping a layer of skin like a strong cleaner, but a moderate progressive approach first with Johnsonrs Baby Oil (baby oil) carefully lifted eye, lip make-up, and then Dior Cleansing Gelee for Face, Lips and Eyes (Cleansing Milk) melt foundation, make-up residue and contamination of the skin all day dust pollution, and finally with a mild Ipsa Cleansing Sensitive Mouse (soothing cleansing foam) clean, skin permeability, cleanliness, degree of moisture is good, very comfortable soft wet face. two weeks or once a week with a Yes to Carrots C the Difference Exfoliating and Smoothing Mud Mask (massage exfoliating mask) deep cleaning, apply after cleansing every morning and evening with a 5-minute Lather Sea Kelp & Ginseng All-Over Mask (Seaweed Ginseng Gel Mask) moisture, help restore the skin anti-oxidant and immune function, color brighter.
detoxification and maintenance, I think RTHK's called barley, bean soup, the body will feel a lot of light.
most people seem to make a refreshing but also most difficult, cause, is causing the eye after long-term tension subcutaneous capillary rupture, causing accumulation of toxins. to protect sleep, easier said than done. really, you see the outside world is so fun, so good-looking television show, so much fun online friends, how willing young, too old-age pension from the early hours of career? Hylexin Serious Dark Circle appearance, can be said to , Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (hesperidin methyl styrene phenyl ketone), protect blood vessels, reducing blood penetration into the skin; Dipetide-2 (two peptides) to promote blood circulation and detoxification; N-Hydroxysuccinimide (hydroxysuccinimide sulfur sub- ammonia) and Chrysin (Scutellaria purified), to reduce bilirubin production, decomposition of red blood cells, reduce sedimentation; Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (oligopeptide), to promote collagen, acid, transparent plastic, elastic fiber hyperplasia, increased skin thickness, so that plump skin, fine lines is not obvious, dark circles are not easy to show. with the ring finger warm, the points open, from corner to end of eye slightly a little What skin care products, three key aspects of care Leaves skin cells, smooth breathing, so that oil production to return to ; concept, often linked with white this regard, I place more emphasis on keeping by the color of the uniform anti-oxidant and health of brightness in the middle use Lancome whitening or whitening lotion, cleaning pore wall, to yellow gas, but rarely with a complete set of I have a crush on plant formula, but the more ideas fragrance / essential oils very few skin care products. and the next person have to take into account the feelings, especially relatively early contact with Western culture, boys, lavender, rose feelings are complex, a in very familiar, but it is also easy to think of the elders and women started emerging in the overall detoxification, a lot of common Spa launch afternoon relax massage, deep cleaning at night, Sundays body scrub, aerobic walking, flexibility yoga, deep breathing, and deep nourishment for the end of the evening.
detoxification, is an invisible process, see able to see the results. whim of the > facial massage
row edema is not only soothing massage, make skin soft, but also help promote circulation, accelerate skin drainage detoxification rate now teach you a simple skin for detoxification massage.
1. Gently place your fingers on the cheek Rouan, which can improve the bag face.
2. starting from the chin with the thumb, slightly hard to push up to the ear, which help promote lymphatic run, toxins and excess water will drain away .
3. from the eyebrows up, his hands were circular motion gestures toward the hair line, and then pushed along the hair line to get after it can promote circulation, it would also enhance skin elasticity.
4. will be holding fist on the ear into the neck position, with the weight of the head and neck gently to the press, promote cervical lymph circulation.
5. 4-finger with the thumb away from the clavicle to the middle position back and forth press.
6 right hand to chest compression by the clavicle, the left hand also pushed by the neck to the shoulder, help lymphatic flow to promote detoxification.
yoga for detoxification there is a road to follow
Yin Yan, the founder of Yoga Yogi Without the necessary human
business lunch, my lunch is very simple, easy to only a few fruits in the morning, it is usually a cup of tea, eggs and a large Indian tea and dinner will be relatively more abundant, prescribe vegetables, a fish and soups. Since practicing yoga, I naturally became reduced to three meals a day, two meals, but bone soup or fish soup, is essential on the table every day. very strange, previously not often have that hungry feeling, but not now, while the diet once the light, and moist skin natural and healthy, so now I have almost no make-up, only occasionally hit a thin layer of foundation.
In all of the detoxification program, I think the most important cleansing, because you have to believe that God gave us this body is the most powerful, but still some contamination from the outside you can not avoid, so we need a timely and thorough cleaning every night, I will use a formula that contains pure plant essential oils soap cleansing. is a coincidence, I often accompany her to the World Trade skating rink to play, then found this shop, it is decorated beautifully, the appearance of an abstract tree shape, the above is also dotted with plum, roses. go after feeling very comfortable.
the brand from a country in Eastern Europe near the Black Sea, it has a natural advantage in waters rich in minerals and almost pollution-free They basically rely on the local flowers, plants and marine organisms developed a number of skin care products that state is very small, and now all the people were mobilized to do this kind of plant soap, said it is because a single provider of soap is not enough, I now Cleansing foam is also used where produced, are made with sea algae, because maintaining the most natural shape, so every piece of sponge are different shapes.
skin like your stomach. do not give nutrition not enough love to give more than one type of abuse is so, only on weekends when the children nap, I will go to a salon facial area of ​​maintenance or body oil massage, and are used to do some essence of the basic pay care, and other features generally do not do, because the skin make the words large adjustment is in fact a kind of skin damage, with the external skin itself is very utilitarian thing, not a good thing to give too much, but also a temporary root of the problem, so the energy can be used to adjust the internal, then, to try not to use external factors to interfere.
For me, beauty skin care is a holistic concept, because of the need not only the beauty of face and object the body's skin, there was a day of hard work and the daily affairs of disturbed mood, so I considered the evening will be the happiest time, spa extract is a detoxification method home after work, I usually in no hurry eat, but put a bathtub full of water and a family of three children bubble bath together, etc. children are enough, and trouble enough, put on pajamas and then dinner. a business trip to any country I will go to a local spa is also a local museum.
but in any case, the pressure and stress are inevitable, and the pressure is excessive or moderate, a lot of time is a personal experience, which requires wisdom, and, Pressure and stress are the two parties, calm, these pressures have a positive momentum.
course, when the pressure must be transported out, my suggestion is very angry when deep breathing deep breathing, the best inhale exhale is twice as long to breath a little, so you can let yourself down gently. so calm down and go to the brain vent, you will have to help sort out the emotions I decompression method is to write this kinds of record-type vent with a reflective analysis, but also to the pressure of an exodus of its own channel.
detox my way is actually very simple, that is yoga, because we say what kind of healthy way of life, in fact, it is abstract, but a road to follow yoga for detoxification of hh because yoga can help you realize your body from awareness to realize their own mind, to improve your mindfulness. Each of us must have some sense of their own knowledge, improve the body mindfulness, naturally, knows what he wants. practiced yoga, I jokingly say that they eat or drink, but in fact not really eat or drink, but his body does not need to eat or drink food. only to the amount of food to the stomach, naturally, will not increase the burden on the stomach. the body's internal organs are functioning properly, then people naturally refreshing the.
With mindfulness, self-judgment are starting to become sensitive to beauty needs a clear beginning, will not be faced with piles of products can not start the sober; skin detoxification process also is full of very sober sense, and will not be his own skin as a testing ground. We are living every inch of skin, so we must follow its rules. make the same skin as the stomach, it also found the truth too far.
Tips: Yoga teach you detox Lotus
1. Inhalation: Add one drop of water in a milk Xiaopen juniper essential oils and essential oils, mix thoroughly and then the thin absorbent cloth will be immersed in water, wring it spreads in the forehead and cover the eyes, lie down and relax, from 1 to 8, slow deep breathing , suspended breath count to 4, from 1 to 6, will air from the mouth Tujin Repeat 5 times, so that the mind beneath pure, smooth rhythm, maintain the best physical and mental state.
2. Essential Law: Hong Kaoru method can not only conditioning the skin, relieve stress, while aromatherapy can make the aroma of flowers scattered over the house and enjoy the forest air bath, but should be aware that different essential oils is a step in the same effect. bergamot can soothe anxiety , refreshing, fresh, so cheerful mood, while a calming effect. Magnolia essential oils can promote blood circulation, open pores, shiny skin, people calm as starters, lavender, sweet orange essential oil, rose oil is a good choice .
3. bath method: renewal of the bath is a good way to let the body, skin and body to help rule out the garbage, easy access to one of the easier you can trickle-down bathtub 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil, essential oils uniform into the water, let the body fully immersed in water, essential oils essential ingredients deep through the pores of the skin depth, while the hot water temperature to help stimulate cell regeneration is more absorption, reduce physical and mental stress.
reading to help women mind detox
Ning, Hebei TV young sweet to eat more, the old one to diabetes are even eat watermelon. Yes, ah, a woman's requirements are a set number of young when we think of too many bitter heart will always shuttle, you feel, in you are old, because the mind has a set number of space.
Once upon a time, when I ...
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