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Behavior Changes Require Drastic Action

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:07pm

Working with children and families affected by ADHD has taught me many things.  But one of the most common themes, amongst my clients, is the desire for change.  They all want something to be different in their lives…  They are looking for support and guidance to help their child (spouse, partner, sibling, etc…) get the support they need in life.

“Change” is a goal that most of us, if not all of us, pursue every single day.  We all want something! It doesn’t have to be tangible…  It doesn’t have to be from greed…  We just want more, and we just want things to be different.

ADHD & Long Lasting Change

One of the things I hear most about change, when working with people affected by ADHD, is that they have tried and tried to change in the past but have been unsuccessful in doing so.  Not to beat a dead horse, but this is again NOT exclusive to the ADHD population.

Change is hard.  Change takes commitment, dedication, and sacrifice.  It requires us to give up what we often have come to know best…what has become routine in our lives.

Here’s the deal…  When I work with my clients, I let them know up front that change will not come overnight.  In most cases, we’ve all had many years to develop habits that either directly or indirectly lead to the ongoing challenges and results we receive in life.

If you truly want change… You must take DRASTIC ACTION!  You must be willing to go outside of what feels right, and try something that will shock your system.  You need to get uncomfortable.  Why? In most cases, the things we have done in the past have not led to the change we want.  Therefore, we must do things that are different.

Most of the time, doing things that are different makes us feel uncomfortable…

Bottom line - I focus on helping people develop habits that eventually become second nature.  Change like that takes time, and it takes drastic action to be a reality.  If it were easy, we’d all do it and no one would have resolutions each year.

One of my clients recently told me that they needed to hear this from me, to know that I could help them: “Follow me!  I’ve done this before, and I can help you.”  But, I also told this client, change comes from within.  You [the client] have to want it enough to go after it.

Life In Action:

My personal mentor taught me that to get things done, we must take massive action to completion.  That is exactly the case with change — but I will add that we need to take drastic action and be prepared to keep going against the resistance.

What Do You Think?

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