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Be Careful on Facebook

Posted Dec 12 2009 8:03am
As many of my readers know I'm on Facebook. For the most part I think Facebook is a great tool to connect with people. As I pointed out in my post The Evils of Facebook it can also be very time consuming and has numerous way to distract people.

People also need to be very careful what they do and put on Facebook too. It's also very important to understand how Facebook works and its privacy settings. For example many people don't realize that other people can tag them in photos. When a person is tagged in photo all of the person's friends can see that photo. I believe this is the default setting.

Earlier this year my mother posted and tagged a photo of me holding my niece on Christmas morning. At the time my Facebook settings allowed all of my "friends" to see tagged photos of me. I was little upset because I did not want my hundreds of Facebook Friends too see what I looked like first thing in the morning after only a few hours of sleep.

I've since changed my Facebook settings so that I am the only person who can see tagged photos of myself. I can't control what other people add to their Facebook accounts. I now do have some control who get to see photos of me though.

Do you understand and have control over your Facebook settings?

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