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Balenciaga's small history files

Posted Nov 24 2012 1:31pm

Balenciaga's small history files

◆ Balenciaga brand:

Balenciaga both high fashion brand, is the surname of the founder of the brand - the famous Hispanic designer Cristobal · Balenciaga . Balenciaga is part of the famous luxury goods group, GUCCI Group, headquartered in Paris. Balenciaga, including the senior women and senior men, the most reported that the Friends of the well-known or famous Balenciaga motorcycle package (Balenciaga Motorcyle Bag). Balenciaga motorcycle bag ( Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag) First in magazines such as "Vogue" Recommended soon see on the street shooting star famous IT Girl Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, pull on the arm, thus Balenciaga motorcycle bag also became the highest visibility, imitating the highest most famous IT Bag.

◆ Balenciaga brand history:

Known as the representative of the twentieth century, the great genius designer, Cristobal Balenciaga , was born in a fishing village in Spain in 1895. When he was a kid, expressed a keen interest in fashion design. There was a people newly moved to the village to live, Cristobal Balenciaga and found that the child's grandmother dressed elegant playing the child and family, Cristobal Balenciaga consent of the old woman's consent, imitation of a Dresser Sale (Drecoll) suit. Cristobal Balenciaga debut.

Cristobal Balenciaga 13 years old, an occasional Spain Marquise Jiasha Thor (Icasa Torre). Young Cristobal Balenciaga dressed Marquise noble dare make an assessment, but he was extremely insightful criticism so Marquise admiration. Marquise wearing Balenciaga sewing evening to attend the banquet, the effect is very good. Marquise not only appreciated the design talents of Balenciaga, also funded he opened his own tailor shop, a name that BALENCIAGA.

Balenciaga (Balenciaga) have opened branches in other major cities in Spain. Cristobal Balenciaga, often to Paris, a large clothing store to buy clothing style, further design its first debut on the altar of fashion in Spain. Later, due to the Spanish Civil War in 1937, Cristobal Balenciaga moved to Paris and opened a Balenciaga ( Balenciaga Outlet ) boutiques.

Balenciaga style is widely respected by those who prefer the simplicity of clothing. Cristobal Balenciaga fashion design has been hailed as "revolutionary" trend guidance, a lot of celebrities the aristocracy are specified wearing Balenciaga fashion, Balenciaga brand loyal customers include Queen of Spain, Belgium, the queen, the Duchess of Windsor, Queen of Morocco, they are all year has been the world's major fashion magazine named the best dressed celebrities.

◆ Balenciaga 60 to 70 years of decline and today's Chung-hing:

Mr. founder Cristobal Balenciaga 1968 Close the fashion house of Balenciaga (Balenciaga), died in 1972. Balenciaga fashion house in 1986, has been in a deep sleep period.

In 1986, Jacques Bogart SA acquired the fashion house of Balenciaga Bag, and opened a new clothing line, called "Le Dix". Balenciaga revival after a series designed by the designer Michel Goma in October 1987, and lasted a full five years, Michel Goma designed mixed reception.

In 1992, the fashion house of Balenciaga replacement of a new designer - Dutch-born designer Josephus Thimister. In the Josephus Thimister led, Balenciaga toward a high-fashion brand designed for the elite brand status. Josephus Thimister During his tenure, the young designer Gula cover, Elmer Balenciaga fashion house team of designers, and ultimately the helm in 1997, the chief designer of Balenciaga" seal of Balenciaga, men's, women by Gula cover, Elmer (Nicolas Ghesquière) responsible for. Nikolai cover, Elmer (Nicolas Ghesquière) brand founder Cristobal Balenciaga, is a self-taught designer.

Nikolai cover, Elmer (Nicolas Ghesquière), Jean Paul Gaultier and Agnes B's learning Balenciaga design is the original classic style hippie Balenciaga fresh interpretations, but he had conflict and above Balenciaga brand GUCCI Group the GUCCI Group has said Nikolai cover, Elmer (Nicolas Ghesquière) do not profit until 2007, will replace the designer. However, Nicolas, launched in February 2005, cover, Elmer Balenciaga 2005 autumn and winter series of great success, not only to achieve a profit, even won the "Vogue" female editor Anna Wintour to the big star, Madonna, Jennifer Connelly, Nicole Kidman heart.

2006 Academy Awards, Jennifer Connelly, Nicole Kidman are dressed Nikolai cover, Elmer (Nicolas Ghesquière) Balenciaga the dress skirt boarded the red carpet; same year (June 25, 2006), Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban remarkable wedding, Nicole Kidman is also wearing a Balenciaga ( Balenciaga City ) dress skirt debut singles "Slow", "Red Blooded Woman" MV; Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue), as well as tour concert, also wearing Balenciaga dress. These are so Nikolai cover, Elmer Barghouti.

Today, Balenciaga, the most famous single product Nikolai cover, Elmer motorcycle bag design, especially models locomotive named "Lariat" package.

◆ Balenciaga brand files:

Chinese name: Balenciaga, also translated as: Balenciaga, Ba Longxia cover

Name: Balenciaga

The Spanish formerly known as: Balenciaga

Create Age: 1914

Created by: Cristobal Balenciaga, Spaniards

Belongs to Group: PPR Group (GUCCI Group's parent company), in 2001 the PPR Group acquisition (both belong to the group of first-line brand, as well as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent)

Brand Company Headquarters: Paris, France

Incumbent Designer: Nicolas cover, Elmer, 1997 to present

Series: Senior Women, Senior Men, leather accessories, perfume

Design style: building a sense of contour of the avant-garde

Balenciaga Bag Outlet Site:

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