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Bad Top 40 Music & ADD Cognitive Therapy

Posted Jan 28 2011 12:22pm

For a lot of ADD’ers, the process of focusing on cognitive therapy is a valuable process. As we all know, ADD impacts people in many different ways. When a person with ADD is affected in a cognitive way, they will experience challenges with their thinking process which can manifest many issues for them. I’m not talking about the simple thought process, like turning the radio off when my kids are listening to one of the many HORRIBLE songs nine and ten year olds are loving these days :) . I think I’m turning into my parents…….I remember them telling me “music today isn’t what it used to be”!

I’m taking about challenges including feeling anxious, angry, some get depressed, taking actions that are not appropriate and simply lack that extra split second required to make the right decision. The good news, the cognitive challenges of ADD/ADHD can be managed, improved upon and beaten! I’m living proof of that.

So, as you sit and read this, I’m sure you are wondering exactly what horrible songs am I talking about? If you have young kids who listen to top 40 hit radio, I’m sure you’ll figure out what I’m talking about. If not, let’s get back on track with this post and talk about how cognitive therapy can help. For me, I found a two step approach to be very helpful; 1) Research/Reading and 2) ADD Coaching.

My research and reading process was intense, I think it’s the reason my eyesight is starting to deteriorate……..I have spent countless hours online Googling this, reading, learning and absorbing as much as I could. I might have to get a pair of those nerd glasses that look like the lenses are from the bottom of a Coke bottle! I kid, my eyes aren’t that bad, I think age is starting to catch up with me! However, by learning as much as I could about ADD/ADHD, I learned about my challenges and this process of looking in the mirror helped me acknowledge my issues and take them on.

The ADD Coaching is the second part that brought it all together for me. The open communication of the coaching process, letting go of habits and learning new life skills regarding listening, communicating and thinking was very helpful and changed my life. More proof, that we can retrain our brain and get those circuits firing. People with ADD have those brain circuits, we just need to get them working.

So with that, you know have some first-hand knowledge from my experience on the importance of cognitive therapy and bad Top 40 hits. Music really isn’t what it was when I was growing up!!! The kids today!!!

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