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Bacopa Monieri and Dosing for Inattentive ADHD

Posted Oct 03 2011 1:17pm
Bacopa Monieri and Dosing for Inattentive ADHD
Regular readers of this Blog will remember that I posted a while back about a product that was developed in Israel to treat Inattentive ADHD and ADHD called Nuture and Clarity. The primary ingredient in that preparation is the same ingredient that has been used for centuries in India to enhance brain function, an herbal medicine called Bacopa Monieri.

You can find Bacopa Monieri in table form on but the product that I reported on several months ago is called Mentat and it can be found on Amazon, Ebay and also in Indian grocery stores.  Mentat comes in both syrup and tablet form.  The syrup comes in single and double strength. The single strength contains 144mg of Bacopa per teaspoon and the double strength contains 288mgs.  The tablets contain 220mgs of Bacopa.

My son has tolerated the Mentat tablets well and he does take these in addition to his multivitamin and Krill Oil.  No study that I read indicated that any child or adult had side effects of any adverse reactions from taking Mentat.

The Israeli study and the Indian studies found that Bacopa treats  and improves the ADHD symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, working memory deficits and other behavioral problems.  Several of the studies performed in India have even found IQ improvements in children who have been treated for 6 months with Mentat Syrup.

A reader recently asked an excellent questions regarding dosing of Bacopa.  Most of the Indian studies and the Israeli study used a dose of roughly 140mg three times a day for your average 12 year old and 70mg three times a day for your average six year old.  Doses as high as 288 mgs three times a day have been used in studies but it did not appear that higher doses yielded higher results.  Nature and Clarity contains 136 mgs of Bacopa per teaspoon and they recommend dosing their product by the weight of the child.   You can find the Nuture and Clarity dosing table hear.  Please keep in mind that 5cc = one teaspoon.

I mentioned in my previous post about treating Inattentive ADHD with Bacopa or Mentat that buying a bottle of Mentat tablets is FAR cheaper than buying Nuture and Clarity even though the ingredients are very similar.
The three times a day dosing is a huge pain for children and can be best accomplished by giving a dose with breakfast, a dose right after school and a dose at bedtime.

I know I have been very lax and have not posted much recently.  My bad, I have been busy beyond belief.  I do have several interesting things that I want to share with you though and I will try to get to it this week.  Leave a comment.   Let me know how things are going!!

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