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Back Into The ADD Closet

Posted Feb 13 2012 10:24am

I have posted previously about coming out with ADD/ADHD professionally a couple years ago. Looking back on that post, I’d have to say I have changed my position and thoughts. With my blog going viral and my book now published, I knew it was going to be hard to not see that I had ADD, especially with a quick Google search by an HR department. This post will probably cost me a good career opportunity! LOL :)

So a couple years ago, I felt it was time to embrace ADD openly at work and hope that others can see the value in doing so. I’d have to say, that was a mistake now. Being in the process of looking for a new career opportunity, I decided to scale back my openness about having ADD. Guess what? The opportunities are abundant all of a sudden. I have removed ADD references from Facebook and Linkedin and don’t speak about it in interviews any more. My fear of being openly ADD in my professional career has not been conquered. Sadly, I think ADD still comes with a social stigma that is really not deserved.

There are some great leaders with ADD who have done and said impressive things. Imagine if you were a professional working in human resources and had to interview people before they became successful? People like David Neeleman the founder and of JetBlue Airways, Paul Orfalea founder of the copying empire Kinkos, Pittsburgh Steelers great Terry Bradshaw (OK, he’s a bit crazy), comedian Jim Carrey, actor/singer Cher, actor Tom Cruise, comedian Bill Cosby, inventor Thomas Edison and physicist Albert Einstein. Do you think they would have been hired? I wonder……………….

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