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Author: JA Elsass (Jere) Announces the Launch of Twirly Whirly World, Children's book series for a 7 to 10 age group

Posted Feb 08 2013 12:09pm

(1888PressRelease) Author: JA Elsass (Jere), an established author of Children's Book, today announced the debut of the Twirly Whirly World, book series featuring animated animals in life like situations. The series is very professionally illustrated by KB Leide. According to Jere, the Twirly Whirly World book series will be available in print and eBook formats. "Every child is a fresh observer of life, a sponge 


Book 1 "Longing to Belong", the setting for this book is a lovable area named "Topsy Turvy Town", where all the inhabitants live, play, work, talk and raise their families together in peace and happiness. The book features a young mountain kid named William "Billy" Goat who moves with his aunt & uncle to what he considers the "Big City". Sadly, he finds himself trying to survive in a paradoxical world ,where one half of his persona is furious with his family for daring to move and drag him from his beloved mountains, where he can run and hide from all outsiders. The other half desperately wants to be an accepted member of society in the town he dreams of calling home, and where he longs to belong. As he makes new friends, and is introduced to the inhabitants of Topsy Turvy Town, he learns to overcome the powerful specter of fear that rules his imagination & preys on his insecurities. Finally, amidst the happiness & wisdom of those he meets, he learns to kindle that spark of fire inside himself, his very own inner strength.


Book 2 "Pumpkin King of Halloween", true to form, the older kids love to scare the younger ones. What is a better time to do so than the eve of Halloween? Preston, Ferdie and Randy seize the chance to tell a tale, scary and full of fright to all the younger kids, they shiver and scream in great delight, with goose bumps rising happily on their necks and arms. The older boys lead them in a series of scary twists and turns, while Silvie and Helga follow like mother hens watching over their little chicks. Stay close to all of them, waiting for the end. It is unexpected; it will shiver your timbers and tickle your funny bone, truly a trio of delights rolled up into one great, Halloween Night! 


Book 3 "Eddy's Great Christmas Gift", is the third in our Twirly Whirly World series. It introduces new characters and kindles the spirit of the holidays. Once again, the residents of Topsy Turvy Town, come together to celebrate. This time the celebration is for the Christmas holidays. Everyone is happily waiting for the local school, Christmas carols and pageant. All of the young animals practice singing and dancing, while using each and every personal talent to make Christmas gifts. The star of this story, young Eddy Beaver, chases the talents of all of his friends, only to find out that his own talent had been there the entire time. Please join Eddy and all of his friends for the true meaning of Christmas.


Books, Trailers, Discounts and Signatures are available at


More about JA Elsass (Jere)


She founded Jere Networks in 2011. Jere Networks features published magazine articles and unpublished works of JA Elsass. Twirly Whirly World series is intended to promote reading in the 3rd grade age group. The company's mission statement is "to inspire and nurture our children's spirit through reading, learning, development and rhyme".


More about (KB Leide) 


K B Leide is a graduate of ONU who started his career in a bedroom doodling anything and everything that caught his attention. He later went on to teach and hopefully inspire those he taught. Now, a father of four, his interests have changed with age, however his love of fantasy, animals and anime are always present in his art. As a freelance artist TTW is his latest's project inspired by his girls and their stories.


To learn more about JA Elsass, Jere Networks, KB Leide, or Twirly Whirly World, you call (678)799-0550 or visit them online at or Published by LeGen Publishing 

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