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Attention Deficit Hyperactive TV!

Posted Jan 22 2010 10:05pm

An Introduction:

Being the poster-boy that I am for attention deficit disorder, I've had a number plans for the blog, well, more like 1,000's of plans ... some that I can't figure out how to do, some I can't find the time to do, and others I don't want to do until I can get them "just right."  Ah yes, life with ADD ...

Back in March, I talked about getting the blog back on track along the lines of what I want it to be, rather than what it "should" be.  You may not know it, but you've been witnessing just that.  Is the posting sometimes few and far between?  Yes.  I have ADD. Doing the same thing day in and day out drives me crazy!  And something tells me too ... being that YOU (my readers) most likely also have ADD, you're not going to be stopping by on a daily basis anyway.

Something we've discussed before, is my feeling about not trying to change who you are, but instead accepting your ADD and just being the best you you can be! Attempting to write this blog in a standard way, by sticking to a strict publication schedule, is completely contrary to me and my ADD.

So, with all that said ... the number of new posts will be increasing, some will be meaningful, some helpful, and others ... well, they'll be complete time wasters! :-)

What?  Time wasters?  Aren't we supposed to be learning to "improve" our time management?

Sure ... but let's be real here ... we have ADD, and we gotta have some fun!  And what better way is there to have some fun, OK, sex, sex is more fun, let's try this again ... What better way is there, to burn endless amounts of time on the Internet, than watching random videos?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive TV:

The other night while I was wasting hours and hours watching videos (I'm not even sure why), I thought to myself, why not create a "video channel" for A Morsel of Genius?"  Then I went through all the nonsense over my grand-vision of a video section for the blog, how much work that would be, and how long it would take ... it's enough to talk anyone out of it.

Anyways ... here it is (I'll worry about the grand-vision stuff another time).  I'll be posting random videos about random things, some helpful, some not, some funny, and others that could be just about anything!  So beware! Attention Deficit Hyperactive TV is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.  :-)

Today's video, from Laci (gogreen18), happens to be a helpful video.  Enjoy!

How To Be A People Magnet:

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 Attention Deficit Hyperactive TV!

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