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Are You Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

Posted May 22 2010 4:53pm

As an admitted self-improvement / personal development “junkie,” I have been listening to T. Harv Eker’s The Milllionaire Mind Intensive audios this weekend. As I often talk about here and with clients, I believe that your mindset towards your wants and desires has a tremendous impact on what you are able to achieve.

Now I obviously won’t be talking about “Winning the Financial Game” like Harv does, but I couldn’t overlook one of his lessons that really applies to everything we do in life.

“Are you playing to win, or not to lose?”
~T. Harv Eker

As I heard T. Harv talk about this concept, it immediately simplified something I like to talk about but never quite found the words to sum it so succinctly or clearly.

When I think about a lot of my clients and the questions I get from readers like you, it’s not uncommon to hear from people that they are constantly playing catch-up or clean up from the day to day stress and frustration of parenting a child with ADHD (or just parenting in general, honestly).

The message I want to share this week, and the real takeaway lesson has to do with being active and not passive… It has to do with responding to situations, and NOT reacting.

These are subtle, yet important differences that can truly mean the difference between success or ongoing struggle with anything you face in life.

Another great thing Harv talks about is that most people don’t know what they want in life, but they certainly know what they don’t want.

Whether you are looking for financial freedom (as T. Harv talk about), or parenting a child with ADHD, the same applies again.

Without a clear ending in mind, you will never know WHEN you get there, and you most certainly WILL NOT know HOW to get there.

With that said, I’d like to give you some homework this week….but NOT just any homework. I want to leave you with something that will help you get on the road to reaching your goals, and having a clear path to follow.

HOMEWORK: (You’ll need a pen and paper).

  1. Write down what you want for your self, your child, and / or your family. (Be as clear and as specific as possible).
  2. Write down how you picture things to be if you had a magic wand and could suddenly remove all the struggles you currently face (related to or not to ADHD specifically).
  3. Act as if…

The final step, “Act as if…” means you want to begin acting like the situation has changed. You want to treat your self, your spouse, your siblings, your child, or anyone else like things have already changed.

When you act as if, you will start to change habits to get what you want.

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