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Apple Announced to Release 128GB Retina iPad

Posted Jan 30 2013 8:46am
If you feel the storage capacity of your iPad is not enough, well, good news here. Apple has announced that 128GB retina iPad is about to come. The company has published the new at the official website.

128GB iPad includes Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular and the release time is February 5. Just like always, there will be white and black two colors. The price will be $799 and $929 respectively. If you already have an iPad or consider have one, you may want to choose a  cheap and great stand for iPad.

Actually this time, the company releases the new version for specific vocations. In the article Apple has published, the company says it believes more entrepreneurs, educators and artists have more reasons to choose iPad for doing work or just individual needs. Before Apple confirms the news, it was said that Apple launches new version iPad mainly for enterprises and to extend the market share in business. And now it seems like the rumors before are right.

I don’t know what you think, but at least for Microsoft, they won’t be happy, because Microsoft recently announced its Surface Pro 128GB for $999, which is also targeted to the enterprise. So which one is better? You know, comparison is always necessary. There are many comparisons between Surface Pro and 128GB iPad, if you are hesitating about which one to choose, I bet you can find the information you need.

Except for Microsoft, what about other manufacturers? The competitions are still kicking around at the 64GB mark, although some are not even that close. The Nexus 10? 16GB or 32 GB. The Galaxy Note? 16GB to 64GB. The BlackBerry PlayBook? 16GB to 64GB. The Kindle Fire? 16GB to 32GB for the seven inch and 64GB for the 8.9 inch. Apple has topped them all, and the other manufacturers are going to have to start offering higher specs in storage or run the risk of being left behind in what is the next step in a specification war.

Let’s see, what can we do with 128 GB iPad? Well, it means we can store more photos, documents, books, movies, TV shows, music and apps etc. Sounds nice, but do we really need it, at least for some of us? Like I said, this new version is all about giving users more storage space. That's why Apple is targeting the 128GB iPad at professional users such as architects, doctors or audio engineers, who often work with large files. So I guess many of us don’t have this big need.

Anyway, no matter which iPad you have, 64GB or 32 GB, as long as it can meet your demands, you can ignore this new version.

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