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Another Contributing Factor For Hyperactivity?

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:12am

ADHD can be confused and mistaken for so many different medical and psychological conditions. It’s one of the reasons that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is grossly misunderstood and seemingly “over-diagnosed” by the media and popular culture.

Here’s an interesting little article from USA Today that suggests too much “fire retardant” chemicals in the bloodstream can lead to increased hyperactivity.

This article does not mention any connection to ADHD whatsoever. It’s not looking at hyperactivity or symptoms related to ADHD. In fact, it’s in a totally different field of study. The article reveals the findings of a study on fire retardant chemicals and their presence in the bloodstream children in the United States.

What caught my eye was the connection between the presence of this chemical and increased hyperactivity. It just raises questions?

We have seen an increase in hyperactive symptoms, and other behavioral triggers for ADHD in younger and younger children. Could this be a factor in some cases? Of course I am not suggesting that ADHD is not a possibility, but we need to really look at everything that is going on around us.

This is more about being aware than it is about anything else.

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