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and Paul are dominating the perimeter jumpers

Posted Jan 02 2013 1:57am
Paul won't score, three points and 43 seconds, Paul in the Yang hand outside is a record a 3-pointer, and clippers lead to 19 points, this section near the end, and Paul are dominating the perimeter jumpers inroads, right now the score has been rewritten for 82-64. The rest of the a quarter into a garbage time, Paul always Cheap Lebron 9 stay off to rest, in the past 14 straight win clippers is not without big is better than competitors, let Paul and green Finn these players rest early work, but this is the wave crazy streak, Paul first score less than two digits.Review the first two games, at least on the offensive end, Paul is feel cold, continuous shot hit it doesn't matter, can activate the fire is enough, the clippers with start 21-6 score high tide, Paul personal sent three assists, willy - green and butler 3-pointer respectively, and Dan drew - Jordan attack the basket successful, this is Paul to this team of great value, he may not be as long as cut down more than three double, or as frequently as deron twenty + 10, but he had the first two people hard to attain stability, and the ability to control the game. More importantly, in his field goal percentage Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes is not high this night, Paul also perfect limit live long, "thanks to Paul, this season, Paul is not only the most valuable player contenders, he even hope to get the title of best defensive player." In a field and the nuggets played after, George Karl said that, in front of Paul can cut down the high score players can be counted on one's fingers, today's rajon rondo is no exception, and eventually the two teams to beat the spurs 106-77, a 29 points of crazy -, so simple.Defeat the lakers back to Denver tomorrow at home against the Portland trail blazers team, they will strive for rebounded, Bryant need inside the twin towers can have a better play. The blazers in the home win over the Kings, they hope to visit Los Angeles season second beat the lakers... The Los Angeles lakers (14-15 negative) seems to have found feeling, winning Cheap Lebron 9 Low streak is the end of their back tomorrow at home against the Portland trail blazers (14 - and negative). Kobe Bryant and his team-mates to back home to rebound, the Portland trail blazers team hope season second beat the Los Angeles lakers. (Beijing time on December 29, 11 PM staples center) in the bad performance season, the lakers rely on five straight rebound, but Thursday despite Bryant scored forty points, but the lakers still lost the ball in Denver. "It seems that we always slow half racket, like foot got stuck in the mud." He talked about the team's performance, he has continuous 10 field scoring 30 +, "the whole night we all state can't, because of the season bad situation, we must pay attention to some." Thursday is the lakers lost 126 points this season most single field points, the second half of the most of the time they are not Dwight Howard, "warcraft" because secondary flagrant foul expulsion, he was fined 35000 dollars alliance. And the nuggets game the lakers scored Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap inside lost twenty points, they let his rivals to twenty offensive rebounds per game, there are 25 points on second-chance points, with the twin towers in inside in the competition at the death. Pau gasol today accept the foot nuclear magnetic resonance examination, he was plantar fasciitis problems, but tomorrow he should continue to come on stage, the team needs him and Howard must be in the inside have better performance. Inside the blazers have aldridge and bush's g, two people's recent form are quite good, they will give the lakers towers considerable impact. Bryant's personal attack don't need to worry too much about, the lakers need others can have a stable performance. Nash back and let the team's offensive organization is getting along very well, tomorrow he will be and the annual rookie of the hot meet vladimir radmanovic, Nash will strive for to defeat the season first encounter with the scores. The lakers bench is a short board, CiShiPing being put in a row to give the team a lot of help, back home tomorrow he will have a better play, m Banks will find accuracy, dandong, can consider to veteran jamison opportunity.The blazers revenge at home the Kings to win back feeling, their past seven games won six games on the road, but only four wins and negative record. A Los Angeles tomorrow, for the blazers have a better play. To organize the rudd on offense, Matthews's absence in batu must be in the front line of who give the team more contribution, inside the lamarcus aldridge and bush's g to try to give the lakers make trouble. "We are passing do well, it proves that the team between each other how trust each other," the rudd said, "we just give his teammates to create opportunity and believe that they can put the ball in." On November 1, the two teams in the
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