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Almost Grain Free Diet Day 27: Yanni’s Gyro Express Cafe

Posted Oct 18 2010 9:13am

I took another stray day on Saturday, just like I said I was planning on. We did a lot of shopping, or at least it felt like it. We probably did 4 or 5 hours combined  of walking. And boy oh boy, stores were SO busy!!! It was like a Christmas Eve last minute rush. Crazy! :shock:

Before we headed out to Middletown, we went to pick up lunch at a new place called Yanni’s Gyro Express Cafe. I spotted it on Thursday when I was in Monticello with my mom and, coincidentally, Sara @ Mastering Public Health messaged me about it the very next day. When there’s something new and fantastic in this food desert, also known as Sullivan county, word travels quickly! LOL

They had a very nice looking menu, with a lot of salads and vegetarian options. It’s a small place that used to be a small ice cream parlor, but they were very busy. Rightfully so, they have really good food!

We ordered 3 original gyros (lamb + beef). They came with fries, although, I realized later you had the option of orzo or veggies instead of fries. Ah well, next time. I didn’t eat any of the fries, I ordered a Greek salad to have with my gyro (pronounced year-o):

I was impressed by the salad. It was so big and fresh, yet reasonably priced. I put my own EVOO + vinegar on at home. I also don’t like stuffed grape leaves, so I left them. I’m weird, I know, lol.

The gyro was BIG!

It was DELICIOUS! I ate half of the salad and all of the gyro, plus a bite of the pickle. I took half of the meat out of the gyro, it was a little too fluffy. :lol: So happy to have another great cafe in the area. Sara , you can tell your parents not to worry; we’ll keep them in business through the winter so they’re still a thriving business when summer arrives! LOL :)

I’m looking forward to trying their vegetarian menu options next time. The service was friendly and prompt, not to mention very reasonably priced. For 3 original gyros and a Greek salad it came to just $25. Not bad at all! If you’re in the Monticello area, check them out. It’s right across the street from Wendy’s. :)

I was STUFFED after eating the gyro + salad, so we went shopping right after that so I could walk off some of what I just ate, lol. We went to Target, Macy’s, Borders, Home Goods, and a few other stores in between. I got a frozen lemonade from Mr. Smoothie, I was so thirsty from the salty lunch I had earlier. After Middletown we went all the way to Kingston to go to Mother Earth’s and the Home Goods right next to it.

I behaved myself in Mother Earth’s, I only spent $40! :D So proud of myself, LOL. Guess what? They now carry Siggi’s skyr-style yogurt!! :mrgreen: It’s verrrrrrrrry expensive, though! $3.39 per 6oz container! :o Ouch! They were on sale for $2.29 each, so I bought 3 vanilla. I wanted plain, but they didn’t have it. Fage 6oz containers were on sale for $1.29 so I bought 3 containers of them, too. I wanted to buy more cookie dough LaraBars but they didn’t have any. :( They sell out so quickly, you’d think they’d order more of them than the other flavors that don’t sell as quickly. *shrugs* I also bought another salsa jack cheese, which went up $2 since the last time I bought it. Geez, inflation much?? Ugh.

On the way home from Kingston, we stopped at Carbonella’s for dinner. I had the eggplant parmesan sandwich again. It’s so yummy! :D I was exhausted by the time I got home; I couldn’t wait to get into bed. Sleep felt heavenly. :)

Saturday’s Stray Day Menu

  • Half of a Hershey’s bar
  • 1 slice Martin’s 100% whole wheat bread, 2 slices reduced sodium Boar’s Head ham, spicy mustard
  • Honeycrisp apple
  • Yanni’s Gyro Express Cafe: Original gyro, half meat taken out
  • Yanni’s Gyro Express Cafe: Half of a Greek salad with EVOO + red wine vinegar
  • Small frozen lemonade from Mr. Smoothie
  • Eggplant parmesan sandwich on ciabatta from Carbonella’s
  • Ginger Ale, about a cup
  • 2 honeycrisp apples

My tummy didn’t like something (or everything?) that I ate on Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty badly on Sunday. :( My stomach often burns and bloats after I eat apples, so eggplant with tomato sauce and 2 apples before bed wasn’t exactly digestion-friendly. :?   After the Mexican food that I had on Friday, I woke up fairly normal; my version of normal anyway, meaning: not worse than usual. I actually had a lot of acidic foods on Saturday; the apples, vinegar, lemonade, and tomato sauce, so it could have been all of those things or the grains or dairy or sugar? I dunno. Hard to narrow it down when I ate some of everything, lol.

I was back to my grain/legume-free plan on Sunday and happy to report that the 2 lbs I gained dropped off again as of Monday morning. So: I’ve officially lost 9 lbs, I’m hoping to lose one more by Thursday to make it an even 10 lb loss. *crosses fingers* I should do it if I stay away from those olives. ;) hehe

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