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Almost Grain Free Diet Day 24: Vegan Kitty Cat

Posted Oct 15 2010 9:55am

I think our kitty, Clyde, is considering veganism! :shock:

First, he attacked the indoor tree in the foyer and ripped a branch off of it.

He then sniffed his prey…

…and proceeded to eat it.

After 5 seconds of vegan living, he decided to stay a carnivore for the time being.

When confronted, he pleaded innocent, denying the whole ordeal, despite the looming evidence beneath him.

There were three furry witnesses who also denied that any crimes against plants occurred.  The victim is in stable condition and being treated with sunlight and water. A full recovery is expected.

While the poor tree was being ravished, I was eating a scrumptious breakfast sandwich on a homemade grain-free white cheddar pumpkin seed roll.

  • 3 cups fresh baby spinach sauteed in 1 TBSP EVOO (120 cal) along with 1/2 link Al Fresco sweet Italian chicken sausage (65 cal), and 1 large egg (75 cal) fried over-hard in the remaining oil on a grain-free white cheddar pumpkin seed bun with the pumpkin seeds removed and eaten before toasting.

Oh my Gawd, this sandwich was soOOOOooo gooooooooooooood! YUM!!! I had some grape juice in my pumpkin cup, but it didn’t taste right so I swapped it for a Gala apple, which did taste right. :)

A couple hours after breakfast, we headed to Middletown for Dustin’s dentist appointment. He has 2 impacted wisdom teeth that need to come out; that doesn’t sound pleasant. Only one of my wisdom teeth grew in, but I had it removed when I was 18. Now, I wonder if I miss it at all, lol. Even though it’s been 12 years, I can still feel a little pain where it once was. Weird, right? Shortly after having it removed I began to have all sorts of strange symptoms, like water retention. Hmm… any correlation or just a coincidence? I may never know. :?

After we left the dentist, we went out for lunch and I had my Wednesday “cheat” meal. I didn’t bring my camera with me, oops! We went to Carbonella’s, which I renamed “Carby-nella’s.” :lol: I ordered the Italian salad which came loaded with romaine lettuce, chickpeas, hard boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, and house vinaigrette. I ate 2 platefuls before our food came out. I <3 salad!

I ordered the eggplant parmesan sandwich on ciabatta and Dustin got a pizza: half Hawaiian, half cheese. I ate half of my eggplant sandwich and have of a small slice of Hawaiian pizza. I was pretty full from the salad; filling up on veggies is always a great way to practice portion control with the more calorie-dense parts of a meal. The eggplant parm sandwich was AWESOME! Soft and crusty ciabatta bread, thinly sliced eggplant with fresh mozzarella cheese. Mmm… I just LOVE eggplant! :) The pizza was very tasty, too. I could have eaten a whole slice, but knew I was full, so I tasted a little but still satisfied my cravings. Win, win!

Wednesday’s Almost Grain Free Diet (plus a cheat meal)

  • One medium banana
  • Egg + spinach + Al Fresco chicken sausage sandwich on grain-free white cheddar pumpkin seed bun
  • Few sips of 100% concord grape juice
  • Gala apple
  • Salad @ Carbonella’s: about 3 cups romaine lettuce, a few chickpeas, 5 or 6 kalamata olives, red onion, grape tomatoes, vinaigrette
  • Half eggplant parmesan sandwich on ciabatta bread @ Carbonella’s
  • Half slice Hawaiian pizza @ Carbonella’s
  • Three 3 Musketeers miniatures (Halloween candy)
  • About 1/4 cup Haagen Dazs Five – coffee flavor

As of Wednesday, day 24 on this almost grain-free diet experiment, I lost another 2 lbs. Yes, while Aunt Flo was here, a stray day on Saturday, and a cheat meal on Wednesday, and without any additional planned exercise. :shock: Which brings my total loss to 9 lbs in just over 3 weeks. I think a lot of this week’s success has to do with keeping my sodium in check and a lot of walking when we’re out shopping, plus cleaning and other chores at home. Whatever the variables were, I’ll take it. :)

I’ve been trying to stay off of my leg, but that doesn’t always work out so well. :? However, my leg does feel a lot better!! Most of the pulling sensation and sharp pains have subsided, so: YAY for that! I’ve been taking evening primrose oil for the past week too, and Aunt Flo has been noticeably milder this visit. Is that because I reduced my grains/legumes/soy/carbs? Or because I lost a few pounds? The evening primrose oil? All of the above, or just coincidental? I’m not exactly sure but I think time will tell. I’ll continue with the evening primrose oil and when I return to my regular diet, we’ll see if anything changes.

I’m happy that I’ve seen improvements in my leg and foot pain, but unfortunately, my tummy symptoms haven’t changed whatsoever. :( Ah well, I’m going to see the specialist in Manhattan @ Columbia next week, so not much longer before I have some answers. :)

My cousin is coming over, then we’re heading out to lunch. I’m one day behind on my posts, but it’s Friday right now, so let the weekend begin!!! :D

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