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Almost Grain Free Diet Day 13: Stray Day Saturday

Posted Oct 06 2010 2:52am

On Saturday, I had my second official stray day since starting this grain-free diet on September 20th. Our options in Sullivan county are extremely limited as far as restaurants go, so we almost always head down to the Hudson Valley, where I’m originally from. The bigger cities, like Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, have 100 times the selection that you’d find in Monticello or, uh… I don’t even know what other towns Sullivan is known for besides home of the original 1969 Woodstock location, lol. Sullivan county is an ok place to visit, but living here is the pits.

We read a review online for a place in Poughkeepsie called Soul Dog Cafe and decided that we just had to try it being we love hot dogs so much. Their unique menu intrigued me, especially because they offer so many gluten-free and vegetarian options, including vegan quinoa chili. They even sell loaves of gluten-free bread on their web site that look pretty righteous. I’ve never tried it, though.

LOVE the description: “A unique and delicious artisan bread sure to satisfy. Gluten Free or not, its a damn good loaf!”

The inside of the cafe looked exactly like it does on their web site; small, but charming. I hadn’t given much thought to what I would order, all I knew was that I wanted a hot dog or two. I almost opted for the gluten-free buns out of curiosity, but decided to just have them the regular way. I’ll have to try their gluten-free options next time and, yes, there definitely will be a next time!

Dustin had 1 beef and 1 Applegate Farms chicken dog; I had 2 beef hot dogs: one with relish + mustard, the other with turkey chili + raw red onion

We also shared an order of hand-cut fries.

I’m a sucker for minimally processed, skin-on fries, which you see less and less of these days. I mean, how do you take a potato and process the heck out of it? :roll: Ridiculous. Anyway, they were really good! I haven’t had a GOOD French fry in a long time, mainly because I hardly ever order them unless I’m in the mood for them and know they are fresh potatoes. I’d much rather have a side salad or veggies, I can’t stand those nasty American fries. I digress. :lol:

The service was a little slow, but understandable for a small cafe that prepares your food to-order. The atmosphere was cozy and friendly, and the hot dogs were tasty! I was full halfway through my turkey chili dog, so next time I’ll probably skip the fries. ;)

Later on, after several hours of shopping, I had shrimp parmesan, crusty bread, and a side salad. I didn’t take my camera in with me, sorry!

Saturday’s Stray Day Menu (going with the grain)

  • Medium banana
  • Slice of Alpine Lace Swiss cheese
  • Soul Dog Cafe: about 10-12 fries, Sabrett hot dog with relish + mustard, half hot dog with turkey chili + red onion, bottled water
  • 4 shrimp in my shrimp parmesan entree, 1 large piece of bread from bread basket of doom, side salad with EVOO + red wine vinegar, few bites of spaghetti
  • 2 Nestle Toll House cookies
  • 2 more shrimp from leftovers

I ate what I wanted that day, but not in extreme excess. I obeyed my satiety signals and didn’t have any immediate tummy disturbances. Two weeks into this diet and I haven’t noticed any changes in my digestive woes. My most recent stray day was a few days ago, so I haven’t had grains or legumes since then, but as I type this my stomach is in knots. :( Burning, bloated… blah! I suppose that’s pretty typical with IBS, though. You feel normal for a little while, then you feel awful. It definitely tends to be cyclic for me, which makes it especially hard to zero in on any particular food without adhering to a strict elimination diet—if it’s even diet-related. Ah well, hopefully I’ll figure this out soon. :D

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