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Adult ADHD and the Family Dynamic

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:04pm

It seems appropriate that right after reading that the writer of My ADHD Blog needs more information and more peers with Adult ADHD that this morning I found this article from the San Luis Obispo County Website titled: When Your Spouse is Hyperactive by Marriage and Family Therapist Linda Lewis Griffith.

Ms. Griffith touches on topics such as emotional flare ups, impulsivity and communication issues.  She also briefly covers some of the responses that the other spouse should use to try to alleviate a potentially emotional situation. Let me tell you from experience that she’s got most of them right.

I found this article especially interesting on a personal note since both my wife and myself have ADHD in varying degrees of severity. (Mine is more severe than hers at most times.)  The techniques she outlines are some of our day-to-day habits.  As you can well imagine, the possibility for misunderstandings and high emotions is something that our family lives with every day.  In my opinion it works to our advantage that we both have ADHD.  It helps us to understand each others behaviors in ways that someone of a more “normal” temperment and brain activity could never quite grasp.

If you or your spose has ADHD, I highly recommend this article.  Look it over and give Ms. Griffith’s methods a try.  You might just be surprised how well they work for you.

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