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ADHD Symptoms Or Personality Traits?

Posted Jan 08 2009 3:02pm

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to diagnosing ADHD, or any other learning disorder for that matter.  But ask anyone - close friends - family - neighbors - and I think it’s fair to guess that most of them would believe they understand ADHD.

C’mon - we all know it’s about the hyperactivity, inattetion, and impulsivity …right?

I used to think that way too.  I used to think that I understood ADHD.  But once I stepped back from what I thought I knew - and actually started to learn - I realized there is a lot we just don’t understand.  And what frightens me the most, is how little we understand ADHD along with how much everyone is so convinced they get it!

Here’s one thing I know for a fact - every single child I work with or see for an evaluation has incredible potential to be great.  They may not be great like you…  They may not be great like me…  But that is part of what makes them so great!

Earlier today I was asked the question: “How do I know if my child’s behaviors are more because of ADHD or more because of his personality traits?”

That’s the beauty of ADHD!  It can be both - it can be neither - and it can be a little bit of one or a little bit of the other.  It all really depends on what you are looking at, how you choose to see it, and what you choose to do about it.

Follow Me For A Moment:

Before I had a chance to answer, the person commented that she already knew it was a little of both.  This mother knew that her child had certain traits and characteristics, and she also knew that his ADHD symptoms likely contributed to who he was.  Best of all… She added that it DID NOT matter what was what…  At the end of the day, this Mother knew that he was the son she had.  He is the way that he is, and she can choose to fight it or work with it.

Now, that’s class!

ADHD can absolutely create challenges for someone.  In fact, ADHD can create challenges for an entire family, various relationships, and so on…

How you choose to approach the situation will greatly impact the results you get, and the approach that other people take with you.

Oh yea - and by the way - there will be people (no matter what you do or say), who won’t believe you anyway.  So why not just go ahead and be yourself.

What Do You Think?

We’d love to hear from you. Go ahead and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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