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ADHD Strengths: Life Is About Legacy And Greatness

Posted Aug 26 2009 10:14pm

This morning I am captured by the magic of “storytelling” and legacy.  As I was enjoying my morning coffee, I happened to catch the end of the movie, “The Babe.”  No, it’s NOT the movie about a pig and his travels through the farm.  This story of “The Babe” is about the life and legacy of Babe Ruth.

As a self-described non-baseball enthusiast, I am more drawn to the history of the game…  To the history of one of the most profilic athletes to play major league baseball.  And again, more importantly, I care about story… legacy… greatness… and the idea of what someone represents.

Feeling a little sappy already this morning, I was saddened even more to learn of the passing of Edward Kennedy (the senior Senator from Massachusetts).  Not being much of an active political person – and yes I even live in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts – I am more drawn and saddened by his passing because of what he represents to this country.

For those of you don’t know…  Ted Kennedy was the younger brother to our past President John F. Kennedy (before my time), and Robert Kennedy.

Legacy…  Life… Greatness…

While sharing the news of Senator Kennedy’s passing with a friend, she remarked that he was a very polarizing individual in his politics.  I could sense there was something more to it.  BUT, my point of sharing his passing had nothing to do with his politics.  I was compelled to share simply because of what this man represented to so many people, and his legacy over several decades of growth and history in this country.

Growing up after JFK’s assassination, the Kennedy family represents an empire or royalty in the United States.  They are a family who has been followed and watched…  And yes, they even impacted history and the course of our society.

What Can You Learn From This?

While my friend saw his passing as a moment to comment on his political stance, I was more moved by the loss of a giant in our time.  Like the passing of Michael Jackson or any larger-than-life figure…  there are always people who will see things differently than you and I.

For me…  I have been moved by the greatness of figures like Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and Babe Ruth.  I am looking at what they represented.  And most of the stories of their greatness – focus on what success they achieved in life.

Yes there are critics who take this opportunity to focus on the negatives.  There will always be critics in life.

Who do you choose to listen to?

And more importantly, who will you choose to listen to when it comes to living with ADHD?  Raising a child with ADHD?  Or in supporting a loved one with ADHD?

Will you focus on all they do wrong, or what they do well?

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