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ADHD Medications: Protein for Breakfast on CorePsych Radio

Posted May 04 2009 3:49pm
El Porto, California
Image by szeke via Flickr

ADHD Medications Simply Will Not Work as Well Without Breakfast in the Morning

Protein for breakfast as a treatment consideration for ADHD may sound completely boring, a waste of time and energy, - but I am here to tell you, in detail, protein is a profound secret of medication success. And with ADHD, protein breakfast is even more completely essential if you won't be using meds.

At our regular CorePsych Radio Program on Thursday 4PM EDT, 1PDT the science of breakfast, the real meaning of breakfast, from neurotransmitter precursors, - to how to make it work for your picky eaters - is on the agenda.

This isn't the first time we have talked about breakfast. Two previous posts covered the subject of Why Breakfast Protein and How to Protein Breakfast, both with an emphasis on that all important protein.

The full agenda will be on the CorePsych Radio page for download soon,

See ya there!


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