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ADHD & Medadate Frequent Urination

Posted by vanessabuentello

My son is 5 years old.  This past summer 09 we found out that he is ADHD.  He has been on the meds since Sept.  Now when he is on it he has to go to the bathroom.  He will empty his blatter, then like a minute later he says he needs to go again.  He does not complain of pain.  I have not been able to take him to the dr. yet.  I just really started to think about it because last night he was going every or trying to go every 3 or 4 minutes.  Has anyone else had this problem with medadate?

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they don't usually give medidate to under 6 years old because of unknown side effects, but please look into food intolerances especially frutose intolerances, this can cause a lot of the problems you kid is having, you might want to look into lactose(milks) and gluten(breads,biscuits,pastas), with what you've said frutose intolerances is worth learning about, the adhd, the cronic bladder problems, middle ear problems, 3 out 4 people of frutose intol, 3 out 4 are lactose intol, 1 in 7 gluten intol, please learn more about this, if your lad has it its very likely you and/or your partner have it too. good luck
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