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ADHD Insights: Immunity and IgG Controversy

Posted Sep 13 2012 12:00am
  • Diagnosis: Measuring IgG Immunity Can Create Challenges  1846375599 cec42383dd n ADHD Insights: Immunity and IgG Controversy

    This deep but brief review by Camille F. J. Lieners PhD, Luxembourg, regarding the IgG controversy [ Evomed Diagnostics ] helps answer many questions about food testing. As you know from these CorePsych Blog pages this food immunity controversy rumbles around in both laboratory and office settings, and may impact your evolved care with ADHD, indeed any psychiatric medical treatment. A brief review is worth your time as a patient, and this review provides even more help for those using IgG testing to evaluate and treat brain challenges.

    One of the key topics covered in this review is the controversy over IgG vs IgG4 testing which arises when talking to various labs regarding predictability and clinically useful testing outcomes. Food allergies matter with treatment for ADHD: Remember our frequently seen New Jersey Trifecta: Milk, Eggs, and Wheat.

    ADHD Relevance

    One quote from the paper:

    In practice, a significant improvement of ADHD in children and adults
    equally could be observed, by adjusting their diet according to IgG findings. [45 references]

    IgG Useful for ADHD?

    Another helpful posting regarding ADHD and IgG by Emily Deans MD a psychiatrist in MA, reviews a number of relevant papers at Evolutionary Psychiatry.

    In our offices we often see significant improvements if IgG findings point to specific food antigens. Food testing and dietary restrictions don’t work with every situation, as immunity is mediated by far more than simply the foods, but we do see improvements about 80% of the time, and have reduced, even eliminated meds when offending antigens were removed. 80% is a significant improvement over no response.


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