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ADHD Insights: Depression and ADHD

Posted Sep 30 2012 12:00am
  • With – Serious Business depressed child 300x225 ADHD Insights: Depression and ADHD

    The details are in from the CHADD National Resource Center on ADHD:

    “- nearly two thirds of these children with ADHD suffer from another condition such as depression or anxiety disorders in addition to their ADHD.”1

    The only problem with that impressive two thirds number: too many don’t understand the clinical relevance of treatment in the context of a challenge with ADHD. treat serotonin related issues, and treat dopamine issues. Basic.

    [On the accurate treatment theme: See this ADHD Medication Tutorial for an overview on ADHD diagnosis and stimulant dosage strategies].

    Imprecise Clinical Objectives Create Serious Problems

    What if you came in to see me, for example, as a family practice physician with a known heart problem, and I told you I was going to treat you with insulin? icon sad ADHD Insights: Depression and ADHD Scary.  Mixed, imprecise treatments don’t work in general medicine, and they don’t work in mind medicine either. These are some causes and potential outcomes to overlooking these important dopamine and serotonin details.

    Helpful Video Update Spells Out Details – 4:37min

    Details On Cognitive Depression Coming

    Stay tuned here for improved breakdowns on cognitive depression – so often missed in clinical practice and so relevant for using the correct medications. And pass this post along on your social networks, this report provides exceedingly relevant, indeed preventative, information.


    1. J. Biederman, S.V. Faraone, & K. Lapey (1992). Comorbidity of diagnosis in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. In G. Weiss (Ed.), Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, child & adolescent clinics of North America. Philadelphia: Sanders.

    Dr Charles Parker: Author, Neuroscience Consultant, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. His book “New ADHD Medication Rules” – Preorder Discount at These Bookstores is the *only resource available to the public* that describes more precise medical diagnosis and measurable treatment strategies for ADHD. His CoreBrain Training platform provides a coaching system from high school students to medical professionals for transitions to these new realities of mind and practice. Join Parker on the radio weekly at ADHD Meds | Straight Talk for ADHD Med details that work. Follow @drcharlesparker on Twitter for more fresh details.

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