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ADHD Insights: Breakfast Then ADHD Meds

Posted Oct 12 2012 12:00am
  •  ADHD Insights: Breakfast Then ADHD Meds Diminish ADHD Medications Side Effects With Breakfast Details

    The most frequent ADHD treatment failure, the most frequent ADHD medication complaint seen every day in our busy offices, is weight loss non-compliance with ADHD meds. Both parents and adolescents refuse to take the ADHD meds they know work well – because they loose weight and have diminished appetite with downstream from even the best ADHD meds.

    The Appetite Solution: Remarkably Easy

    Just jump on protein breakfast details. Previous postings here at CorePsych Blog tell you why and how to solve that terrible frustration and get that protein on board. This short post simplifies that process with one more step, one detail that solves so many ADHD medication problems, and is so often overlooked:

    Eat Breakfast First, Before You Take ADHD Meds – This Is Basic!

    Too simple? Try breakfast in that order – it works about 80% of the time. No, don’t ask me exactly how it works, I simply know, having recommended that order for breakfast and meds thousands of times – it works if you work it. Most of the time.

    What If ‘Breakfast-First’ Doesn’t Work?

    Picky eaters, every single one, need, as an absolute first order of medical business: IgG testing. Your very next inquiry, one that can correct appetite and medication reaction problems, often within 2 weeks, is the discovery that chronic stomach problems result from allergies to one of the New Jersey Trifecta foods. Simply removing that food, replacing that food group with a corrective substitute, changes your ADHD medication response world.

    Don’t listen to the folks that tell you to take it before breakfast – you’re often asking for medication trouble, and taking it after breakfast does not interfere with effectiveness.


    Dr Charles Parker: Author, Neuroscience Consultant, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. His book “New ADHD Medication Rules” – Preorder Discount at These Bookstores is the *only resource available to the public* that describes more precise medical diagnosis and measurable treatment strategies for ADHD. His CoreBrain Training platform provides a coaching system from high school students to medical professionals for transitions to these new realities of mind and practice. Join Parker on the radio weekly at ADHD Meds | Straight Talk for ADHD Med details that work. Follow @drcharlesparker on Twitter for more fresh details.

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