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ADHD Insights: Adrenal Compromise And Copper

Posted Nov 05 2012 12:00am
  • ADHD: Adrenal, Copper And Too Many exhausted 268x300 ADHD Insights: Adrenal Compromise And Copper

    Many are treated with stimulants for ADHD because they’re so tired, dull, listless and simply can’t think. They can’t get out of bed, they are exhausted through the day, and, of course, they manifest a significantly  compromised .

    Diagnosis on one level, quite right: EFD, ADD, ADHD. But if the [EFD] Executive Function Disorder is created by a different, unidentified problem than straight ADHD, the meds don’t work no matter how carefully you titrate the dose. Reconsider that challenging Roving Therapeutic Window I’ve mentioned so repeatedly in these CorePsych articles.

    ADHD is the symptom, not the problem.

    The outcome of missed diagnosis: overdose with stimulants, simply because they don’t effectively treat adrenal compromise with Chronic Fatigue.

    It may look like [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -CFS] associated with ADHD, but could arise from an entirely different element – yes, trace elements imbalances.

    Copper Walks Into The Brain

    Check out these few remarks on adrenal dysfunction and in Why Am I Always So Tired?   – by Gittleman, and see if any of this rings a clinical bell:

    Copper has antifungal and antibiotic properties, while zinc [copper's balancing companion] has antiviral effects. … those with chronic viral presentations typically have low zinc and high copper, eg , mono, hepatitis. [Slow metabolism, low zinc and copper elevation create significant intractable medical problems with mind consequences] [pg 57-59]

    [CFS] is connected to copper overload in another way. Numerous studies have suggested a strong link between CFS and dysfunction; some practitioners believe that all individuals who have CFS have weak adrenal function. … adrenal burnout is a common consequence of copper overload. It’s no coincidence that adrenal burnout and CFS are both characterized by a feeling of . [pg 60]

    viral symptoms and associated tired body, mental racing, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, insomnia and skin problems are all associated with copper excess .1

    We discover these copper excess issues associated with adrenal fatigue so often associated with chronic refractory, “untreatable” ADHD. 

    It’s worth considering. You can’t treat targets that you don’t see.


    1Prasad, AS, et al, Trace Elements in Human Health and Disease, Vol 1: Zinc and Copper. New York: Academic Press 1976

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