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ADHD Insights: ADHD Medication Sensitivity

Posted Oct 13 2012 12:00am
  • ADHD Medication Sensitivity – Cause and Effect oldwwiimap 300x254 ADHD Insights: ADHD Medication Sensitivity

    The rules of the ADHD medication game dramatically change with new science discoveries – and I carefully spell out those details in my fresh review: New ADHD Medication Rules.

    Old maps simply don’t include medication sensitivity instructions. You can travel your interesting new medication/recovery roads, and yet become completely, surprisingly, lost at these unmarked crossroads where unpredictable results meet medication failure.

    -The Ghost Immunoglobulin – Provides Direction

    IgG [Immunoglobulin G] testing will provide interesting answers in an unusually high percentage of medication sensitivity reactions. Even if your Transit Time, described in this video, doesn’t show specific problems, you can often find answers with inquiries – measuring IgG for to see which foods might be corrupting your highway travels.

    Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t test IgG routinely, simply because we don’t do anything routinely. Cookie cutter medicine is out, customization is in. On the other hand, if our friend, our in-the-woods-trail-marker ‘medication sensitivity’ appears on our clinical doorstep, you can bet we will search for and chase down those essential IgG details.

    Medication Sensitivity Details 3:51 min

    >>> Do hit the video “Like” button, drop a comment on your thoughts down below, and forward to your teams



    Dr Charles Parker: Author, Neuroscience Consultant, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. His book “New ADHD Medication Rules” – Preorder Discount at These Bookstores is the *only resource available to the public* that describes more precise medical diagnosis and measurable treatment strategies for ADHD. His CoreBrain Training platform provides a coaching system from high school students to medical professionals for transitions to these new realities of mind and practice. Join Parker on the radio weekly at ADHD Meds | Straight Talk for ADHD Med details that work. Follow @drcharlesparker on Twitter for more fresh details.

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