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ADHD In Children: Forever Increasing In Complexity

Posted Jan 15 2009 4:59pm

Of all the complexities facing children with ADHD, I’m just not certain how much emphasis is placed on developmental progress and milestones.  We’ve talked about ADHD being complicated because of the many factors that influence symptoms, mimic symptoms, exacerbate symptoms, and much more…

But how many people are talking about ADHD in context of a developing, hormone raging child - adolescent - teen - young adult?

When clients sit down in my office, many want to know: “What is normal for a child with ADHD?”

And therein lies one of the biggest problems.  There is no normal for a child with ADHD.  There is no consistent, expected presentation or experience for a child with ADHD.  On top of it, there is no normal for any child anywhere…  There is only what we expect to be normal at this point.

Let me say that another way.  Over the years, we have created an idea of what normal looks like.  Through stories, media, entertainment, and the illusion of how the world works, we have all created what “normal progress” should look.

In reality, a child with ADHD is no more or less normal than anyone else.  The challenge typically comes from the increasing complexity of everything else going on for that child.

Increasing Complexity

Just as we cannot predict ADHD-like behaviors, we also have no way of knowing how a child’s particular experience of ADHD will change and shift as he or she faces new situations, and new milestones in his or her life.

ADHD continues to evolve or rapidly progress in an individual as their experiences shift, change, and grow.  About all we can do is help these wonderfully bright, and talented children understand their behaviors - understand their bodies - and support them as they explore the world.

What Do You Think?

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