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ADHD Experts: Bill Maher And Arianna Huffington Jump On Board The ADHD Soapbox

Posted Aug 10 2009 2:43pm

ADHD continues to be misunderstood by so many people – particularly the media at large and anyone who has an opinion and a way to express it.  Just Google “ADHD” and you’ll find results linking back to credible sources and then of course blogs and other websites where any opinion is welcome, addressed, and shared…  Most of them (if NOT all) seem to have a very strong opinion…  And everyone with an opinion believes they know best when it comes to ADHD.

The timing of this post is rather ironic because my wife and I were just out walking this morning — talking about how everyone feels like they have the right to their opinion….  People believe this, even without any expert training or personal experience.  Nothing could be more true for ADD or ADHD.

Because there is so much popularity around this term — everyone thinks they know what ADHD is.  The problem is, most people don’t know.

Case In Point:

I’ll let this article speak for itself.

Apparently Bill Maher got into a conversation about medications in America, and his guest, Arianna Huffington, took that opportunity to comment on ADHD and how it is over-diagnosed.

You all likely know this is one of the most hot-button, controversial topics when it comes to ADHD.

Bottom line, there is a lot to it.  No matter what you believe, ADHD is very real.  The details of it, and your beliefs, are an entirely different story…important, but different nonetheless.

Bottom Line:

The reason I wanted to share this with you today is that it is yet another example of how everyone and their mother (and television guests) have an opinion about ADHD.

I want to take this moment to caution you and remind you to be very careful about who you listen to, what advice you take, and the action you put into place as a result.

Please…please…please be very careful about who you listen to and what you allow them to have you think about ADHD and it’s impact on your life.

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