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ADHD Coaching Tip: Find Me A Negative And I’ll Show You The Positive

Posted Jul 11 2008 5:10pm

Here I am sitting at the computer, having just gotten off of a business call…

I won’t get into the details behind the call, but the general concept is that it truly amazes me about the negatives people see in the world. Or let me rephrase that, it’s truly amazing how wetend to focus so much on the negativeversus seeing the positives in things… seeing the lessons in life… and seeing the potential beneath something (that might require a little extra effort).

Now - having been a person who used to sit around and complain (not taking action), I can understand how easy it is to see the negative. I can also understand that sometimes it requires a certain understanding to find the positive.

But that being said -find me a negative, and I’ll show you the positive.*

Here’s an example:

Risk - Most of us are taught to try and avoid high risk situations. For instance, do you walk away from one job without having another job lined up?

To many people - that would be risky behavior.

But what if you are walking away from a situation where a family member NEEDS your attention, and that job gets in the way. Would you walk away? Would you stay?

At what costs?

Most people think that having a job (or career) is the safe way of doing things. But how safe is it when you can’t get a raise? When you can’t get time off? When you can’t do the things you are meant to do?  When you are NOT appreciated for the value you bring to the workplace or your team?

Lesson:(Or at least the point I am trying to make)-

Risk is in the eye of the beholder (and everyone else with an opinion).

When making a decision, I find situations and evaluate the risk. So what might appear to be high risk to one person, or to an outsider, is really never a risk to me at all.

I might be talking in circles here, but I am incredibly aggravated at how narrow minded some people can be… I am incredibly annoyed and less patient with people who jump to conclusions without asking questions and being informed about a topic.

Maybe today is just another rant… Maybe I am at the point where ranting through lessons is where I am. But that’s me.

Today I want to take a negative - turn it around and see the possibility in it.

When someone used to tell me that you have to create opportunity, I scoffed at that idea. “NOPE,” I said to myself. “Opportunity will present itself to me.”HA

I totally get what people mean now about making opportunity. No one is going to give it to you. You have to bend the rules a little bit, and go after what you want. And maybe that’s what I mean by finding the positive in the negative situation. There willalways be downsidesto everything we do.

There will always be risks.

But what do you choose to see?

  • The risk
  • The reward

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*Granted, there are likely some events or instances in life where the positive might be hard to find. I won’t argue that. I don’t claim to have all the answer (or anywhere near that).

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